Saturday, May 4, 2019

Taking a Break

For those of you who follow my blog you may have noticed that there have been very few posts lately.  I am moving and being very ruthless in cleaning out, giving away and throwing away.  My blogging has stopped for now.

My Science Fiction Book collection is one of the big things I had to decide what to do with as I would to have room for them where I am moving.   I did not realize how attached I was to the books until they were gone.  Seems that after living in 10 different locations in four states when I moved here to number eleven I felt I would not move again.   I did what I had always wanted but had not because I knew I would not stay.  I had book shelves built in and I unpacked all my books.  Now I am moving to a smaller place closer to my children.  (I am 76 and realizing some hard truths.  I need to be closer to family.  I could put it off but decided to do this when I was in control.)

The books left yesterday.  I asked the Friends of the Library if they would like some of the books and they said they would like them all.  I pulled out a few and watched as 5 very nice people came and packed the rest up.  I managed not to cry until they left.  Now I can't seem to stop.  Even though I know it was the right thing to do and that they are going to a very good place I am still very sad.  (See photos of before and after.)

I don't know if I will re-start the blog after I move.  However the Goodreads post on the side bar will still be keeping up with what I am reading.

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fredamans said...

Good luck with your move!