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Book Beginnings and The Friday 56 - October 21, 2016

I'm linking up with Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings and Freda's Voice for Page 56. Check out the links above for the rules and for the posts of the participants each week. Pick the closest book on your book stack and join the fun.

The Beginning:

Sheriff Joanna Brady pulled into the parking place in front of the Higgins Funeral Chapel, put her Buick enclave in park, and then sat staring at the storefront before her, only vaguely aware of her surrounding."

Page 56:

"Now, I ask you, why would the wife of a man who had a vasectomy twenty-five years ago need to have a supply of condoms on hand?"

From Downfall, A Brady Novel of Suspense by J.A. Jance. This is one of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors. That beginning made sense because I read the novella that proceeded this story. Otherwise it would leave you wondering.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Calling The Reaper by Jason Pere- Book Tour and Giveaway

by Jason Pere


The time of the Unity has ended. Now, the realm of man is stranded between Paradise and Purgatory. The Valkyrie and Reaper battle over the fate of all who pass from the land of the living and into the afterlife.

Eight mortal spirits from vastly different worlds tread the same, inevitable path toward their last, crucial decision. Within them all exists the defining conflict every man must face—to look upon the end of their life with glory and honor, or to give credence to their baser longings, calling the Reaper to their own demise.

In this rich, harrowing tale of pride, deceit, honor, vengeance, and redemption, each individual must battle their inner turmoil, facing the sacrifices they have made before their unavoidable end in the land of the living.

But their last day in life is also their first day of death amidst the terrors of the underworld. Lord Master Death wants them all…and the real battle has only just begun.



“In the beginning. In the time before. When the Unity sat atop the throne in Paradise and reigned over the world of man below, all was good and fruitful. There was life without end for every spirit drawing breath within the embrace of the Unity. Things were as such for a time longer than memory itself. But such things end. The day of the Shattering came upon us all. Paradise above and the realm of man below were forever changed. The Unity became no more, and from it was born both Life and Death. On that day, it was decreed that all who lived must one day die. And we the Valkyrie, the children of Paradise, became its warriors. Our robes were replaced with armor, and hands once empty now grasp sword and shield. Our charge is to watch over those who dwell below in the realm of man. We are tasked with the guardianship of every spirit that yet holds life. We shall protect them until that life is at an end. Then it must leave the realm of man. For each spirit that meets its end with virtue and courage, we the Valkyrie shall fly to them and bid them welcome into the warmth of Paradise. For each spirit that meets its end with fear and wickedness, they shall call the Reaper, and I shall mourn them as they are cast into the cold realm filled with weeping and the gnashing of teeth.”

—Laurel, ArchValkyrie of the Thorn Crown


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jason Pere is a born-and-raised New Englander. He always had a passion for the arts and creative storytelling. At the age of thirteen, Jason took up the craft of acting for film and theater. He pursued that interest for over a decade until refocusing his medium of expression into writing.

At first, Jason took a causal interest in writing, starting with poetry and journaling. Over time, he honed his direction and finally began writing larger works. In November of 2012, Jason self-published his first book, Modern Knighthood: Diary of a Warrior Poet.

Since then, Jason has continued writing on his own, mostly short stories and poetry. Calling the Reaper was his first experience committing to a full-length Fiction title.

In early 2015, Jason became affiliated with Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC). Since then, he has joined many other writers on numerous collaborative projects. Jason is a regular contributor to CWC and is scheduled to have multiple pieces of his work appear in their publications throughout 2016.

You can find out more about Jason Pere’s involvement and publications in collaborative fiction at:

To connect with Jason, check him out at:

Jason also writes fanfiction for Team Covenant on their Blog of the Pheonixborn, dedicated to the new game by Plaid Hat Games, ‘Ashes’. Go to to read Jason’s flash fiction work.

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The After War by Brandon Zenner Book Blast and Giveaway

The After War
by Brandon Zenner


GENRE: Dystopian, post apocalyptic

NOTE:  The book will be on sale for $0.99 during the tour



Two years have passed since mankind faced extinction.

Brain Rhodes and his cousin, Steven, are leaving the protection of their underground bunker for the first time, after a cataclysmic war and unrelenting disease ravaged the earth.

On the other side of the North American continent, young Simon Kalispell is leaving the safety and seclusion of his cabin deep in the woods, traveling with his aging canine companion, Winston.

For individual reasons, these men are traveling east, where the fragmented lives of a small number of survivors will soon be decided by the choices of a corrupt few.

Simon Kalispell and Brian Rhodes are not yet aware, but the strength that resides inside them will soon be tested, and destiny will call for their fates to be forever intertwined.



Brian lowered his gun. “It’s okay, Steve. He’s dead.” He looked around. “There’s no one here.”

Steven lowered his rifle, wiping his palms on his thighs and brushing the sweat from his eyes.

“I said he’s dead, Steve—”

“I reckon he’s dead, Brian. I see he’s dead.”

“Come on now. We’re right at town.”

They sidestepped the corpse until it was well behind them. If the body was someone they had once known, it was now impossible to determine who that person might have been.

“That won’t be the last of them,” Brian said. “You better get your head on straight.”

Steven opened his mouth to speak, but then shut it again.

They stepped onto the road as the first house emerged from the woods. They walked past it, taking careful notice of the blank windows—as black as the eye sockets of the corpse—and scanned for any sign of movement, like the fluttering of drapes, or the partially covered face of a person peering out from the darkness with a shotgun clenched tight in their hands. Anything.

But there was no movement.

“Think anyone’s left?” Steven said, with a crack in his voice.

Brian shrugged. “I know as much as you do.”

The yards around the homes, and Pearl Street itself, were spotted with litter and debris of every kind blowing in the gentle breeze. Overgrown tree roots buckled sections of the sidewalk and emerged from cracks in the pavement. They passed the police station bordering the center of town. The cruisers were vacant in the parking lot, and the building was cold and silent.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Brandon Zenner is an American fiction writer and an Amazon best selling author. His short fiction has been published in both print and online publications, the first being submitted when he was 19 years old. THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS, his debut eBook thriller, has reached Amazon's best seller list many times. His second novel, WHISKEY DEVILS, was released in early 2016. THE AFTER WAR, a dystopian thriller, is available now as a pre-order, at 80% off the final sale price. You can follow the author on his Amazon page, or through his email list on his website. All email subscribers will receive his futuristic short story, HELIX ILLUMINATED, for free as a thank you. His genres of choice are thrillers, crime, dystopian, and science fiction.



In addition to the commenter prize, the author is also raffling off five signed copies of THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS (drawing will be October 21). Here is the sign up:


Brandon Zenner will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter.

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Look Back Wednesday - New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb


New York to Dallas (In Death, #33)New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New York to Dallas is the latest in the Eve Dallas Series and answers some long ignored questions. Isaac McQueen, The Collector, has escaped from Rikers. He was Eve’s first major arrest and he means to pay her back for the 12 years he has spent in prison. He first lures Eve to his old apartment in New York and then to Dallas. Eve would like to forget her past in Dallas but this trip brings it back into focus.

I have been looking for this story a long time. We got the story of Roarke’s past and his family in a past book and with every new book after that I looked for the rest of Eve’s story. New York to Dallas finally fills in that gap.

New York to Dallas is part of a large series. It can stand-alone but it would be best if you have read the series from the first.

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews #50 -Downfall by J.A. Jance, Unwrapping the Rancher's Secret by Lauri Robinson, Landon by Delores Fossen

Downfall (Joanna Brady, #17)Downfall by J.A. Jance
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Downfall starts where the novella Random Acts ends; with Joanna pulling up to the Higgins Funeral Chapel to plan her mother and step-father's funeral. If that is not enough on her plate she is called to a double homicide. Two unrelated women are found dead at the bottom of a local mountain. From there the story gets more and more complicated. Jance does a great job of letting information out a little at a time building the picture and the tension as the book progresses. Each nugget of information leads to a new and different picture of what happened. Look for surprises and a very suspenseful climax. I love the characters in the books. The glimpses into Joanna and Butch's marriage are one of my a favorite parts in the series. Oh! Did I mention that Joanna is pregnant and up for re-election. I will have to wait for the baby to be born and the election to be over to see if Joanna wins or losses. I just do not see her as a stay-at-home mom.

Unwrapping the Rancher's SecretUnwrapping the Rancher's Secret by Lauri Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lauri Robinson always writes a good story and Unwrapping the Rancher's Secret is no exception. Sarah and Crofton are both interesting characters who have to deal with each other in a very trying time. The death of Sarah's mother and step-father bring Crofton and Sarah together. Both are in danger and the story does a great job of building the danger. I was a little surprised to find out who was the bad guy. It was fun to try to guess even though I was wrong. The one thing I did not like about the book: the title. For me it did not fit the story.

Landon (The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch #9)Landon by Delores Fossen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read several of Delores Fossen's books and when I see one on Netgalley I always request it. Landon is part of the Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch series but it is the first one of this series that I have read. It follows a familiar theme. A Landon is one of the Rylands and he is back to solve a murder. His prime suspect is Tessa Sinclair his one time lover. There are several suspects and as the story progresses Tessa is cleared but danger is stalking her. Look for the many red herrings and of course a HEA for Landon and Tessa. Like Fossen's other books this is a interesting and fun read that keep you guessing who done it. It does stand alone but as I started to read I did feel like I was dropped into the story missing some of the pieces

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The Black Werewolves Series by Gaja J. Kos - Blurb Blitz and Giveaway

The Black Werewolves Box Set
by Gaja J. Kos


GENRE:  Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance


Enter the world where myth becomes reality, where long forgotten gods walk the earth, and where love forms bonds that cannot be broken even in the raging winds of battle. 

Box set contains: The Dark Ones, The 24hourlies, Chased (novella)



Rose felt his muscles flex in graceful movement as he sprinted towards the courtyard that lay just beyond the alley. As soon as they left the narrowness of the walls, he leaped into the air and extended his wings, each bat taking them higher, until she could see the length of her street coming into full view below them. The simargl used the wind currents, leisurely taking her in a semi-circle around her neighborhood, before rising higher, his fur and his feathers shimmering in the unimpeded rays of sunlight.

The wind brushed against her skin as they gained speed; it would have been painful for a human, their less protected skin exposed to the elements like this, however, she welcomed the coolness it brought, knowing she still had the luxury of doing a half-shift at any time, should the strokes of fresh air become too aggressive for the tough, but nonetheless more sensitive human form. 

The green landscape of Slovenia lay outstretched below them as the simargl kept a steady course, leaving the concrete circle of Ljubljana in the distance and taking them further southeast.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gaja J. Kos is the international bestselling author of the urban fantasy series BLACK WEREWOLVES and the erotic paranormal romance novellas DROWNED. She is also a bilingual poet with 12 published poetry collections.

Gaja resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband and two Chinese Crested dogs.

Buy links for book:

Other links:

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Gaja J. Kos will be awarding $30 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Pale Rider: Zombies vs. Dinosaurs by James Livingood Book Blast and Giveaway

Pale Rider: Zombies vs Dinosaurs
by James Livingood


GENRE: Science Fiction & Fantasy


Two worlds collide in this action novelette. Zombies have destroyed civilization. Gasoline fuel is no longer an option, but humanity must find a way to survive. In response to trying to restore our way of life, we engineer franken-monsters. Because of their small brains and massive sizes, these beasts make quick work of farming and clearing land. These large creatures are immune to the zombie virus and perform excellently in loud conditions. They are easy to train. They behave like war horses, prone to help charge in and defend our livelihood.



Avant was massaging his temples when the plan was thunderously shattered by a panicked dinosaur. Clearing land rarely went to plan, but it was rare that it went off course so soon.

The vegetation deeper in the forest was the first sign of trouble. The commotion started with cracking trees as a large animal thumped out of the nearby forest. As if being saddled in a giant rodeo, the brontosaurus kicked and bucked with its back legs. The beast kept jumping from left to right as if something were riding it. Our simple plan gave way to my bellowing commands between the bleating roar of the long-necked dinosaur.

“Re-group point! Re-group point!” I yelled to my crew, pointing down the fence line. This order would cause a lot of noise, but a quiet operation was no longer an option. We also had to continue the plan. Solomon was still preparing for our sweep, though I couldn’t imagine a better crier than a loud, pained dinosaur. Were there ants on its back? No. Those were zombies. The brontosaurus must have been foolish to stop for vegetation or bed down nearby.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

James was born in Montana, raised with three brothers, and provided trouble for two parents. In his 20's he fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. He then moved out to Seattle after college and started a life. In 2014, he started to write full time.



James will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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