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Commander Henry Gallant by H. Peter Alesso - Super Book Blast and Giveway

Commander Henry Gallant
by H. Peter Alesso


GENRE:  Sci-fi



He thought Alaina loved him, but now she’s found someone else. A tidal wave of loss and grief swept over Henry Gallant, leaving him undecided about what to do next, or how to move forward.

Despite his sorrow, he goes on a dangerous mission to an invading aliens’ home world in the Gliese-581 star system. There he uses a neural interface to penetrate their communication network and steal a high ranking alien’s identity. Through this artifice he learns about their history and society, and discovers a way to hinder and possibly defeat them.

A side-effect of linking into the alien network—which was created for autistic savants—is that Gallant’s mind was stimulated and enhanced to the point where he begins to experience superintelligence abilities.

Upon returning from his mission, there is concern that Gallant might pose an even more serious threat than the aliens. While he struggles to fend off those who doubt his loyalty, he fights to win back Alaina.

This is the fourth book of The Henry Gallant Saga, but it can be read as a standalone story.



Alaina Hepburn strolled across the walkway, smack-dab in the middle of Halo’s well-trimmed verdant garden park, lavish with diverse foliage and a flowing water fountain glistening under a brilliant summer sun. Several bronzed statues adorned the area attracting a glanced from pedestrians as they passed while an occasional car flew overhead. However, it was Alaina’s eye-catching outfit and radiant youthful vitality that captured the most attention of those around her, not merely because she was attractive—though her blond hair, blue eyes, and well-tanned skin accented her appealing figure—and not because her behavior was so unusual so as to stir excitement. Everyone who passed offered her a warm greeting—for she was well-known to the people of Elysium. No, what attracted the curiosity of those nearby was her bearing—with shoulders back and head held high, she led one to wonder what adventure she was just returning from—or, better yet, was just about to embark upon.

When Gallant entered the park on his way to a meeting at the town hall, the impact of seeing Alaina again struck him like a shock wave. His reaction was unlike what might be expected from the methodical logical captain who so recently fought a battle from the bridge of the Warrior. Now he was simply a man rediscovering his lover—filled with the joy of her presence, the relief of her safety, and the sensuality of her being—the emotional tizzy seething beneath the surface was enough to cause the fringes of his vision to grow hazy, excluding all others from sight. He felt a sense of well-being flood over him, creating the desire to seize and hold her. Despite his wish to run—he walked toward her along the intersecting walkway.

When she noticed him, she came to an abrupt stop and turned to face him. The surprise on her face couldn’t have been more pronounced. He could only guess that her emotional state was as heighten as his own.

Any passerby might have assumed that they were two old acquaintances meeting casually to exchange friendly greetings, but his heart was pounding and his palms were moist. A gust of wind blew a tangled lock of his hair across his forehead causing him to swipe it away mindlessly.

“Henry!” she said, biting her lower lip.

Her exclamation was short and sharp, giving Gallant a start. As it invariably happened, he was mesmerized by her. He stammered, “I . . . I said, ‘I’d be back.’”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation,
H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations, and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of seven books.

You can visit his Web site at:

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Short and Sweet Reviews #2

I still have very limited and slow internet so again no links or graphics.

Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop – A further development of the conflict between humans and others.  This brings additional characters into the main story line.  Don’t look for that much about the developing relationship between Meg and Simon.  They are too busy trying to save at least part of the world they know.  A great addition to the series but do not start here.  Go back and start with Written in Red for full enjoyment.

Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep – Gin finds a folder from Fletcher that reveals an unexpected enemy.  That enemy is a threat to Finn and as the plot  develops Gin finds that there are things she has never know about her home town.  A good addition to the series with hooks to the next book.  Gin as usual is a great character.  Like most series it is best if you start at the beginning.
Once a Rancher by Linda Lael Miller – A new series with a great cast of characters.  The Carson brothers are ripe for a romance.  While very close they are also very different.  This is Slater Carson’s story and it has a wonderful romance and a great HEA.  Like many Harlequin series the books will stand alone but if you get started here you will not miss any of the things that happen to each of the brothers.

The Caphenon by Fletcher Delancey – What happens when the ship from a star faring planet crash-lands on a planet on the brink of developing their own space travel.  Add in the fact that the ship crashed because it was in a battle with another group planning to conquer the planet.  Throw in two alien cultures trying to adjust to each other, great characters, a lot of tension and the every present danger for a very exciting plot.  Delancey has put a new twist on several old themes.  The Caphenon is a interesting character driven story and is also the start of the series.  Once I have good wifi I will be off to buy the next book.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Short and Sweet Reviews -#1

I am out of the US with limited internet so no links and no graphics.

Beyond the Red by  Ava Jay- The world building and character development in Beyond the Red is first rate.  This is a world full of complex technology in a political situation that looks like a step back into the middle ages.  The two main characters are drawn from two very different groups.  Koras a Sepharon, a race native to the planet and the Eros is a mixed blood; part human, part Sepharon.  Together they must face danger, tension and forbidden romance.  Kora and Eros are at the start of change in their world.  Their story does not end with this book.  The world building, back story and characters are all in place for the next book in the series.

Hard Rain by B.J. Daniels – This time it is Harper Hamilton and Bodie McTavish who have to work hard for their HEA.  As they do we get to know more about the Hamilton family back story.   That back story includes scenes from Sarah Hamilton’s past.  Sarah is still a mystery.  What is her past?  Is she good for the Hamilton family or is she a danger?  We will have to wait for the next book in the Hamilton Family series to find out.

While the book can stand alone it is much better if you have read the previous books in the series.

Graveyard by William Dietz – Graveyard, book three in the Mutant Files Series, is another wild ride.  The Bonecrusher is still around, the war between Mutants and Normals is still on going, there are local political problems causing more tension for our characters and for starters there is an illegal medical lab to be tracked and shut down.  Added to all of that on Lee’s plate, Kane is being held for murder.  The Mutant Files are a great mix of apocalyptic, science fiction, and police procedural with a little romance thrown in for spice.  Each book can stand alone but like most series they are more fun if read in order.

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Books I have Read but not reviewed

Book I have Read on the cruise.  Cruise is four months long and goes around the world.
I am on a cruise ship with limited and expensive internet so I am not doing that many blog posts.  I am reading and catching up on my TBR pile. I am enjoying reading but am finding it strange to no do a review of what I have read.  I decided that I would at least do a list, compose an email off line so it will send when I log on so they at least get a mention.
Here is a current list:
Rogue with a Brogue
Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt
The Late Great Benjamin Bale by John Joseph Doody
Return of the Crimson Witch by John Joseph Doody
On a Barbarian World: A phoenix Adventure Sci-Fi romance by Anna Hacket
Journey Between Worlds by Sylvia Engdahl
Some I received to review and will post reviews later:
Marked in Flesh by Ann Bishop
Graveyard by William Dietz
Hard Rain by B.J. Daniels
Beyond the Red by Ava Jae's


Jo Jones
Reviews and Recommendations of Books, Series, Authors, and Book Related Materials
Photos and comments on my RV trips

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Staked (The Iron Druid Chronicles #8) by Kevin Hearne

Staked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #8)Paranormal

From Goodreads:

The New York Times-bestselling author returns with another installment in the wildly popular Iron Druid Chronicles—a fantasy adventure that’s Harry Dresden meets American Gods.

This hilarious and action-packed urban fantasy series is set in a modern world in which all the gods of every pantheon are alive and well, as in American Gods; its hero is a smart-mouthed, butt kicking magician, like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden. But it’s told in a smart, witty, unforgettable voice that’s all Kevin Hearne—a star in the fantasy world. This addictive and wildly imaginative series stars hero Atticus O’Sullivan: a handsome, tattooed Irishman who looks like a young rock star, but is in actuality a 2,000-year-old Druid with extraordinary magic powers. In Staked, Atticus has his final confrontation with the clan of vampires who have been bent on destroying him—including Leif, his former best friend and now enemy.

Staked continues finding Atticus in danger.  Atticus, Owen, and Granuaile are on individual journeys and the chapters skip among the three.  It is not until the end of the book that all three come together.  As you might expect from the title, Staked, when they all get together it is to fight vampires.

The vampires are still trying to rid the world of Druids and Atticus is fighting back.  Loki has his mark on Granuaile and she is working to get if off and find a way to block her presence from other of the magical world.  Owen is trying to adjust to the modern world and start a new Grove of Druids.  The fight with the vampires impact all three.

I enjoyed seeing more of Owen and Granuaile.   As usual both Oberon and Orlaith (Owen and Granuaile’s dogs) add humor to the story.  Look for a big change for the two.  The story moved at a brisk pace.  There were surprises and some unexpected deaths.  All this leads to changes for Atticus and friends.

Staked is a nice addition to the Iron Druid series.  Be warned that there is a novella, A Prelude to War that fits between Shattered and Staked.  It was published in a ebook mini-anthology, Three Slices.   As a result Staked does not start where you might expect.

Del Rey published Staked by Kevin Hearne in 2016.

I received an ARC of Staked from Amazon Vine in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

Mercury Striking by Rebecca ZanettiPost-Apocalyptic Romance

From Goodreads:

With nothing but rumors to lead her, Lynn Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man—a mysterious, damaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong. He’s more than muscle and firepower—and in post-plague L.A., he’s her only hope. As the one woman who could cure the disease, Lynn is the single most volatile—and vulnerable—creature in this new and ruthless world. But face to face with Jax Mercury…

Danger has never looked quite so delicious.

There is a lot to like in Mercury Striking.  Both Lynn Harmony and Jax Mercury are very strong main characters and an equally strong cast of secondary characters supports them.  The plot revolves around a plague that has killed many and changed those that survived.  There is no cure but there is a supplement that keeps the illness at bay.

This is a romance.  The interaction between Mercury and Lynn is used to do both the world building and tell the back story.  The plot features the struggle to stay alive and to keep Lynn safe.  She is on the run from a man from her past who will go to any lengths to get her back under his control.

There is the hint of a solution to the illness and the hooks for future stories and romances in the series.  While Mercury and Lynn get their HEA there are still many problems left as the book ends. Mercury Striking is a interesting start to a new series full of interesting possibilities for future books.

Zebra Published Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti in 2016.

I received an ARC of Mercury Striking from Netgalley in return for an honest Review.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mission Improbable (Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures Series #1) by J.J. Green

Light Hearted Science Fiction

From Goodreads:

In the deepest reaches of the galaxy there are places and beings that aren’t impossible, just very, very improbable.

Carrie Hatchett is a low-achieving daydreamer, and the last person on Earth who should be resolving disputes for the Transgalactic Council. After providing a good home for her butt-ugly dog and psychotic cat, her biggest challenge in life is to avoid being fired, again.

But a strange green mist sucks her beneath her kitchen sink, and an unusual clerical error leads to an offer she foolishly doesn’t refuse.

In settling a conflict between the mechanical placktoids and the mysterious oootoon, Carrie reveals a threat to the entire galaxy.

Mission Improbable is Book One in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series.

Carrie Hatchett is a fun main character.  She runs a ad in a dating site that reads like a ad to work for the Transgalactic Council.  She is one of those people who just seem to drift through life.  When she get sent on a real life mission to solve the problem between two very different species all kind of things happen.

In spite of her lack of background she manages to see things that the other characters do not.  It is fun to watch what seems to be done wrong turn out to be just what is needed.  In this adventure she has three very different supporting characters who she plays off of very well.

Mission Improbable is just that.  Carrie should never succeed.  This is a short easy to read story that is filled with improbable circumstances.  In the end all works out and Carrie is left wondering if she wants to take another mission.  Of course we know she will as this is adventure #1 for her.

I am looking forward to her next mission and how she manages to turn to tables and see what others do not.

Infinite Book published Mission Improbable by J.J. Green in 2015.

I received an ARC of Mission Improbable from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind #2) by Christopher Nuttall

Falcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind #2)Science Fiction/Space Opera

From Goodreads:

Now a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning…and up against near-impossible odds. After an ill-timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep-strike mission into enemy space. The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive.

The chances for success are slim—and for survival even slimmer.

Armed with a ragtag fleet of outdated starships, a few loyal officers, and a skeleton crew of refugees, Kat knows the Royal Navy expects her to fail. But failure almost certainly means death—or worse, as the Theocracy does not treat prisoners kindly. Pitted against the enemy defenses of her old nemesis Admiral Junayd, there is no room for error. And with a spy hidden aboard her ship, Kat will need more than her wits to survive. Can Kat enter the lion’s den, strike a blow for the Commonwealth, and escape with her life?

While Falcone Strike follows a familiar pattern it tells a very good story in the process.  I met Kat Falcone in book one of the series and enjoyed how she handled a very bad situation.  Now she is back and has put herself at risk by tell a blowhard with powerful friends just what is and is not.  As a result she is sent behind enemy lines to make as much trouble as she can with a less than stellar fleet to do it with.

The plot flowed smoothly and the action matched the problems that Kat faced.  The bad guys are really bad and the good guys are shades of grey. It was fun to see how Kat would solve the problems with a less than excellent fleet of ships.  The world building is set to allow some very interesting plot development in future books.  All in all a fun Space Opera series.   I am looking forward to meeting Kat in future books.

47 North published Falcone Strike by Christopher Nuttall in 2016.

I received an ARC of Falcone Strike from Netgalley in return for an honest review.