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Edger Liver by David Been - Blurb Blitz and Giveaway

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Our dork of destiny rides again!

Edger is falling for Mary, his bodyguard, kick-ass spy, and cover wife. But she’s so hopelessly out of his league, it’s clear someone’s going to get hurt. Less clear? That someone may be the Prime Minister of Australia.

When Mary confesses her desire to kill the world leader whose assassination Edger’s supposed to prevent, Edger’s superpowers pick the worst time to stop working. Without a fully functional psychic superhero, their team of spies can no longer order him to probe Mary’s mind for ill intent. The stage is set for a confrontation that threatens to strip a defenseless Edger of his loyal protector just when he needs her most.

Return to the Collective Unconscious, this time with Listerine-chugging stoners, Hollyweirdos, commie-alien-kung fu robots, one space gorilla-unicorn, and an exceedingly lovesick Vladimir Putin.

Mind your fingers and toes on page 270. Those skydiving mind-control monkeys have been known to bite!

Read an Excerpt:

I find Mary in the walk-in closet after her workout. Three of her peering back at me with wide eyes. Four, if we count the sweaty, pheromone-blasting, flesh-and-blood Mary in the middle.

Her hands glide down her hips as she turns sideways. The mirror reflections copy her like evil clones. Her head tilts, and her unreadable gaze scans from three angles every inch of her toned physique. She eyes the contours of her breasts in an understated Calvin Klein sports bra; she examines her sculpted midriff and the concavity of her bellybutton. The Gigantic Rock glinting in the mirrors, her thumbs dip below the waistline of her yoga pants, cruise outward along the elastic, and tug once. She bites the corner of her glossy pink lip and scrutinizes every possible curve from the waist down—and with legs like hers, it’s a long way down—before flitting up to find mine, spanning those sexual leagues in an instant, and landing her gaze like a side-kick to the gut. I can barely breathe.

Air squeezes into my lungs like I’m sucking it through a straw-sized snorkel. I’m slouching. Better stand up straight. Unlock my knees. I’ve got to get it together. If she and I are going to live under the same roof, I can’t be falling over every time she has the audacity to exist. Otherwise, I’ll need some kind of house scooter to motor around on my butt all day. Beep-beep, coming through, time to brush my teeth—well, well, don’t you look hot again—okay, faint on you later.

About the Author: David Beem loves superhero movies, taekwondo, and flossing. He lives in Djibouti with his family and crippling self-doubt. To help actualize David’s inner confidence, visit his website and buy all the stuff:

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Money or Men by David Burnett - Book Blast and Giveaway

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Love or loot?

Erin must choose between the money of which she has long dreamed and the man who she has loved. Eight years ago, she chose “loot” when Chris, her former husband, competed for her hand against the god of money. Now, with a promotion within reach, she is poised to take her place among the elite of Wall Street. She will soon be working twenty-four-seven to reorganize a failing company, and she has been ordered to find someone to care for her children.

She has few options, and she reluctantly concludes she must beg Chris for help. She has not talked with Chris, written, texted, friended, private messaged, or tweeted Chris since leaving him, but if he will not keep their children for the summer, she will lose her promotion, and her dream of wealth will vanish.

Opposites had attracted when they had fallen in love. Erin remembers a Chris who was laid-back, satisfied, and, worst of all, unambitious. He seems not to have changed. He lives on a small island with no home mail delivery. He had been an author, but Erin can find nothing he has published since their split.

But Chris’s photo is the one personal item on Erin’s desk, and she still dreams of him when she sleeps. She fears if she asks Chris to care for their children for the summer, she will be drawn back into his world. She will choose Chris over money, “love over loot,” lose her drive to succeed and everything for which she has worked. Her promotion will be denied – and lightning will not strike a second time. How can she send their children to live with him without becoming entangled herself?

Read an Excerpt

Mr. Jamison did not look up, but he raised his right hand, motioning for her to approach. Erin halted as she reached his desk and waited, shifting her weight gently from one foot to the other. A minute passed. Deciding that grasping her notebook against her body made her appear to be as nervous as she felt, she dropped her hand to her side, stood straight, and raised her head, hoping to project the air of confidence she wished she possessed.

With a quick “Good-bye,” Mr. Jamison finally finished his call. He turned a page in the report and sighed.

“Ms. Stephens, you’ll be moving to an office in my suite.”

Yes, she almost said aloud, almost shouted actually. She wanted to spring into the air, pump her fist, and scream so loudly she would be heard on the street twenty-five floors below. But instead she simply nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

“We’ll be reorganizing the seafood company this summer. I’ll need you to be available when needed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“There are two guest rooms in the suite. One will be assigned to you. You should leave some clothes in the closet since you will find yourself spending the night from time to time.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You left last night’s meeting at six o’clock. It did not end until eight.”

His voice was matter-of-fact, and Erin was not sure if he had stated a fact or issued a reprimand.

“Yes, sir. I have two children. I needed to get home and—”

“You have two children?” He looked up in surprise.

“Yes. Yes, sir,” she stammered. No one had asked about children, not since she had begun work for Aqua as a customer relations advisor more than a decade ago, back when she lived in Atlanta, before her divorce, and then the question had dealt with health insurance. Were children a problem?

“Do you have a husband?”

“I’ve been divorced for—”

“Didn’t know that either,” he said, shaking his head, obviously talking to himself. “Didn’t do my homework.”

He looked into her eyes.

“Always do your homework,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Erin thought she could hear the wheels in Mr. Jamison’s mind turning as he considered her fate.

“The children…Get rid of them.”

About the Author:
We recently moved to our new home near Charleston, South Carolina. Four of my books are set in Charleston, and I’ve always enjoyed the Carolina beaches. I now have the opportunity to walk on the beach almost every day and to photography the ocean, the sea birds, and the marshes that I love.

I love photography, and I have photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, and a Native American powwow. My wife and I have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During trips to Scotland, we visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen, and Kismul Castle on Barra, the home of my McNeil ancestors.

I went to school for much longer than I want to admit, and I have degrees in psychology and education. In an “earlier life” I was director of research for our state’s education department.

Amazon Author Page:

Buy link:

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews: #383 - Who Slays the Wicked by C.S. Harris, Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson

Who Slays the Wicked (Sebastian St. Cyr, #14)Who Slays the Wicked by C.S. Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Murder strikes close to home. Sebastian St. Cyr is called to the home of his niece's husband. He has been killed and his wife is one of the suspects. This one really baffled me. I suspected just about everyone except the one who did the deed. It is a great mystery and I really enjoyed visiting with both Sebastian and family. There is one thing that is missing from this book and the previous one. The arc about Sebastain's mother seems to have been dropped. Hope to hear more about that in future books.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Murder on Trinity Place (Gaslight Mystery #22)Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one where I saw the clues and who done it before the Frank and Sarah. It was fun seeing all the familiar characters again. The additional side story where Sarah is matchmaking was a added bonus. Great addition to the series. I would like to see Mother Malloy fleshed out a little more. She has a very limited role since Frank and Sarah married and fleshing her out and giving her a bigger role would add to role of the regular cast of characters.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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Mimadamos by Chadi B. Ghaith - Book Blast and Giveaway

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Chadi Ghaith will be awarding a copy of Mimadamos: The Eden of Choice, (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Lebanese author Chadi B. Ghaith brings beliefs that were held in secrecy for a thousand years to awareness in Mimadamos: The Eden of Choice (Fifthscience Inc., July 5, 2017). Ghaith’s book revolves around an ancient triangle of the most significant characters on earth, paralleled by three of the most significant forces in life, and their combined story in space and time. Journey through this fable and explore the ideas that have mystified mankind for centuries: good and evil, heaven and hell, the beginning and end of the world.

Did the ending precede the beginning? Are we only here on earth to comprehend its machinations? Is there room for choice to shape our destiny in the wake of fate and its brutal logic? Mimadamos is a unique, philosophically-rich fantasy which journeys through the depths of conflict and harmony that we understand as the spirit. It decodes the magic of the most ancient scripts known to man, the symbolic fall from Eden and the long anticipated armageddon, revealing a logic so unique that it brings history to its conclusive end.

Read an Excerpt

She had all the power in the world—could turn sand into gold if she so desired—but she had refrained from using it. What was the point of using magic? It was like playing a video game in which one was granted unlimited lives regardless of performance. Instead, Destiny had agreed to play the game of reality with all its inherent rules and unpleasantness.

So, although she had the ability to think herself into any place she liked, she preferred to travel there with sunshine, good food, the company of beloved souls, and unexpected adventures along the way. For it was in the journey, not the destination, that she took the most pleasure.

A person cannot wield unlimited magic, she thought. If one became all-powerful, one could create his own reality at will, which would make the person his own creator. But no one could stand being both the Creator and the Created in the same world, for that would engender unbearable solitude.

Just then, the women started to ululate, pulling Destiny from her musings. The truth was, even without their celebratory wailing, she would have known that her groom was nearby; she could sense him.

It’s all been preordained, she thought as she steeled herself.

About the Author: CHADI B. GHAITH has spent many years introducing an ancient mind science called Fifthscience to the public; Mimadamos is his first attempt at translating the magic of Fifthscience into a modern narrative. He is a native of Lebanon; however, he acquired his high school and university levels in Texas. Ghaith studied Arts and Film at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He now lives in Beirut with his wife and three children.



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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Books for April

Netgalley Books for April 2019
Never Deny a Duke by Madeline Hunter 4/10
Taken by Rebecca Zanetti 4/30
The Alchemist of Lost Souls by Mary Lawrence 4/30
When A Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes 04/02
We Are Mayhem by Michael Moreci 04/09
The Master of Dreams by Mike Resnick 04/16
Nothing But Trouble by Amy Andrews 04.30
Edges by Linda Nagata 04/02
Saving the Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday 04/30
No Country for Old Gnomes by Kevin Hearn 04/16
Knight by Timothy Zahn 04/16
The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr 04/30
Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson 04/30
Who Slays the Wicked by C. S. Harris 04/02
Edelweiss Books for April 2019
The Secrets We Bury by Debra Webb 04/30
1637 The Polish Maelstrom by Eric Flint 04/02
The A List by J.A. Jance 04/02

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 382 - A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine, A Phoenix Is Forever by Ashlyn Chase

A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan, #1)A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an extremely dense book - not one you pick up and read straight through. I found that I often needed a break so I could absorb all the detail in the backstory and world building. Ambassador Mahit Dzmare has a lot to cope with as both past, present and future combine to keep her trying to keep up and not get killed. The politics are intense and Mahit is both in the dark and a driving force for the future. Book one and there is a lot more to learn about Mahit and her world.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

A Phoenix Is ForeverA Phoenix Is Forever by Ashlyn Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Luca Fierro is a Phoenix shifter and Dawn Forest is trying to clean her karma. This is the last of the Fierro brothers to find their HEA and it does not come easily. I loved how Dawn worked so hard to change her life and how Luca looked at who she was now and not who she had been. Of course there is tension and danger as Luca and Dawn work to find a missing girl. Great story line as the Fierro family comes together to welcome Dawn and her grandmother.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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