Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I read in December

Science Fiction

The Hawk Strikes or, Meet Hawk Carse [The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #1] By Harry Bates
Bodyguard by William Dietz
The Possession of Paavo Deshin by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Haze by L.E. Modesitt Jr.


The Magical Christmas Cat by Nalini Singh


Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara
Charmed Destinies by Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Lee and Catherine Asaro
Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara


Badland Bride by Lauri Robinson


There Goes the Bride by M.C. Beaton
Kindred in Death by J.D. Robb


Playing the Enemy, Nelson Mandella and the Game that Made a Nation by John Carlin

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Novella: The Possession of Paavo Deshin by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Space Opera

Another short recommendation. Still busy because of Christmas.

I love the Disappeared series and was glad to see a new story featuring Miles Flint. The Possession of Paavo Deshin is in the January/February issue of Analog SFF. If you like the series be sure to pick up this issue of Analog. While I purchased the issue for Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s story there are others stories just as enjoyable in the issue.

I purchased Analog on Fictionwise and read it on my eBookwise Reader.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

PLAYING THE ENEMY Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation By John Carlin


I went to the movie last week to see Invictus. I thought it was a great movie and would recommend it to anyone. I found that I could not get the story out of my mind and decided that I needed to read Playing the Enemy, the book the movie was based on. I wanted to know if the movie version was true to life. I found that there was some creative license but the entire movie did a very good job of portraying events as they actually occurred.

John Carlin covered events in South Africa until 1995 and had followed Nelson Mandella over the years. Although much has been written about that time he felt that the 1995 World Cup was a pivotal point in South Africa history. He wanted to write a book describing the events surrounding the World Cup. He approached Mandella to see if he was willing to be intervened and found him more than willing, as were others who played a role in the drama surrounding the World Cup.

Carlin describes the factors that lead Mandella on the path of reconciliation instead of revenge. Carlin shows that Mandella was, “a canny strategist, a talented manipulator of mass sentiment. His gift for political theater was as sophisticated as Bill Clinton’s or Ronald Reagan’s.” Mandella knew he had to find a way to bring the people together and he decided to use the 1995 World Cup. The 1995 matches were held in South Africa. Rugby was the white man’s game and the blacks saw the Springboks as symbol of white oppression. For the whites rugby was like a religion and the Springboks were the high priests. Mandella felt he could build a bridge to the white community by supporting the team. Playing the Enemy details how blacks and whites all came together. Carlin includes excerpts from interview with many of the key players. He also includes exact quotes from media sources.

I would recommend seeing the movie and then reading the book. There are some lessons relevant to today to be learned from both.

Penguin Press published Playing the Enemy , Nelson Mandella and the Game that Made a Nation by John Carlin in 2008.

I purchased Playing the Enemy from Fictionwise.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bodyguard by William Dietz

Space Opera

It is Christmas and I am busy so I will just post a short recommendation. I have had Bodyguard in my electronic Too Be Read pile for awhile (loaded on my eBookwise Reader) and I finally got around to reading it.

If you get a chance read this book. Bodyguard has a unusual hero and a good story with some unexpected twists and turns. This is Space Opera as it should be written and it makes very entertaining read.

I purchased Bodyguard by William C. Dietz from Fictionwise. It was organically published in 1994.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Magical Christmas Cat by Nalini Singh, Erin McCarthy, Linda Winstead Jones, Lora Leigh

Paranormal Romance

The Magical Christmas Cat contains 4 short novellas by four different authors. It was released at Christmas in 2008. One of the four stories is Stroke of Enticement by Nalini Singh, one of my favorite Psy/Changelings stories.

Stroke of Enticement is a sweet love story set at the same time as the early Psy/Changeling books. Annie teaches little cats as well as humans. When Bryan, one of the Dark River leopard children, hits another child and refuses to tell Annie why his Uncle Zack is the one who comes to sort everything out. Zack knows immediately that Annie is his mate. Annie on the other hand feels that she is damaged because a leg injury she suffered as a child has left her with a slight limp. She thinks that Zack will play for a while and leave. Annie has to trust and her journey makes a wonderful story.

If you would like another Psy/Changeling story look for An Enchanted Season the 2009 Christmas multi-author release. Beat of Temptation is set in the past and tells the story of Nate and Tammy’s mating.

Berkley Sensation published The Magical Christmas Cat in 2008.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free eBooks

Who doesn't love free books. I certainly do so check out this site for a great holiday offer.

In honor of the 12 Days of Christmas All Romance web site is giving away free eBooks to anyone who is a member. Just sign up and you will receive their newsletter, Wildfire, Every day for 12 days you will receive a email that lets you download that day's free book. This is day three, so if you are not a member sign up today.

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Christmas Gift - EBookwise Reader

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This is the eBook reader I have owned for several years. If you are looking for a Christmas gift the price is great. There are a lot of choices out there today so look carefully before you buy. Here are some things to consider.

On the Plus Side:

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Some other publishers (Baen comes to mind) also have compatible formats

Will hold up to 100 books

On the minus side:

Takes a UBS cord to download

Barnes and Noble now owns Fictionwise and EBookwise so I don’t know how long they will continue to support the EBookwise Reader as they will be selling the Nook

No wireless capability

Will not accept some of the common secure formats

I like my EBookwise Reader and when I cannot download to the reader I just download to my computer and read the book there. I do prefer having the book on a eBook reader rather than the computer so I am planning to look at the Nook and if I like it will probably purchase one.

Go to this web site to get more information.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Badland Bride, Book 2 of the Quinter Brides by Lauri Robinson

Historical Romance

With Badland Bride Lauri Robinson has once again written a wonderful engaging romance. There is something old and something new is the story. Ma Quinter has again gotten out her shotgun, tied the prospective bride and groom to chairs and called for the preacher. This time the bride is from the future, a victim of date rape and pregnant. The groom is willing but the bride does not plan to stay in the past. . It does not sound like the best start to the marriage. Throw in few Indians, some bone hunters and an enemy from the future and things stay interesting

Badland Bride does a great job of moving the series forward. I am looking forward to the next book about the Quinter Brides. The first book in the series is Shotgun Bride. Look for Boot Hill Bride, Book 3 in the Quinter Brides in July of 2010.

Wild Rose Press published Badland Bride by Lauri Robinson in 2009.

I purchased Badland Bride from Fictionwise. If you would like a 10% discount on Badland Bride leave me your email address in the comments section.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #1 The Hawk Strikes or Meet Hawk Carse by Harry Bates

Classic Space Opera

Some of the Science Fiction published in the early 20th Century has been hard to find. Now thanks to the Internet and eBooks some of that science fiction is easier to obtain. December seems like to good time to look at one of stories from that time.

The Hawk Strikes is a story first published in November of 1931 in Astounding, Stories of Super Science. It and other stories featuring the Hawk are available from Fictionwise.

The story is classic Space Opera full of danger and adventure complete with a larger than life hero and the required villain. There are parts of the story that show its age and some parts that are no longer politically correct but the basic requirements for Space Opera are all intact.

It was fun to read about Hawk Carse and how he defended his ranch on one of the moons of Saturn from his archenemy Judd the Kite. It was also fun to check out the differences between Space Opera today and in 1931.

The Hawk Strikes by Harry Bates is available as an eBook from Fictionwise.

I purchased The Hawk Strikes from Fictionwise. If you would like a 10% discount on The Hawk Strikes leave me your email address in the comments section.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Favorite Scenes and Quotes - 2009

December is a time to look back over the past year and remember some favorite things. Here are scenes or quotes from 3 of the books I recommended in 2009 that stuck in my mind. If you have favorites from the past year why don’t you share them in the comments section?

Broken Wing by Judith James

Sarah invites Gabriel to watch meteor shower from her balcony and Gabriel for the first time enjoys shares an innocent experience with another person and finds “it was a new and heady flavor, and he liked it tremendously

Close Encounters by Katherine Allred

I especially loved Crigo, Kiera’s rock cat. Kiera’s description of their relationship is a classic for any of us who love cats. She says “I promise not to compromise his dignity by petting him, he promises not to rip my arm off at the elbow. In return for the food he consumes ….he keeps me humble by following me around, making derogatory feline comments about everything I do and turning his back when I talk to him. “

Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh

In the book there is a young boy, William, who has the same mutation as Judd Lauren, he can kill with a thought. William does not know how to control what he does and has killed Spot, the dog that he loves. His parents think that embracing Silence is the only answer for William. Then one night Judd visits William and tells him that he can do what William can. William asks Judd, “Can you fix me?” and Judd answers, “There’s nothing to fix. What I can do is teach you to control it. So you can use it for good things.”

Monday, November 30, 2009

What I read in November

Science Fiction

Dark Stranger by Susan Sizemore
Diving the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Conquest: Earth by Angelique Anjou
Chameleon by Angelique Anjou
Kris Longknife: Undaunted by Mike Shepherd
The Clone Betrayal by Steven Kent
The Long Way Home by Darrell Bain


Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh


American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Sasha by Joel Shepherd
Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owen
Protector of the Flight by Robin D. Owen
Breath of Fire by Tammy Kane
Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl


To Desire A Devil by Elizabeth Hoyt
The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Click on the Goodreads button on the right of the page to see how I rated each of these books.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia


All Owen Zastava Pitt wanted was a normal boring life. That was why he became a CPA but now he was having a really bad night. He was working late when his boss transformed into a werewolf. In a fight for his life Owen managed to push his boss and his desk out of the fifth story window. Suddenly Owen found out that monsters were real. When he woke up in the hospital there were Fed’s threatening to kill him if he ever revealed what he had seen and Monster Hunter International offering him a job. That was the start of a new life and a wild ride for Owen and the other members of his team at Monster Hunter International.

Monster Hunter International gives a whole new slant on fighting the paranormal. The story is filled with humor while losing none of the tension. If you want a wild ride, a little romance and monsters galore read Monster Hunter International.

Baen published Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia in 2009.

I purchased Monster Hunter International from Borders.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh

Paranormal Romance

Blaze of Memory enlarges the world of Changelings, Psy and Humans. The Psy who did not embrace silence (the Forgotten) have been mentioned before but this is the first story that features a member of the Forgotten. Dev is the head of the Forgotten and is in danger of becoming as cold as the Psy that follow Silence. He finds a member of the Psy near death and dumped on his step. She cannot remember anything except the pain that one of the Psy inflicted. Dev knows that she must have been sent to harm him and other members of the Forgotten but he is still drawn to her. The two of them must fight to find a way out of the trap she represents.

While there are familiar Changelings characters in Blaze of Memory this is primarily a story of the Forgotten and the Psy and enlarges the world Nalini Singh has created in this series. Blaze of Memory is a complete story in itself adding a great addition to the series. At the same time it sets the stage for new books in the Psy/Changelings world.

Berkley published Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh in 2009.

I purchased Blaze of Memory from Fictionwise. If you would like a 10% discount on this book at Fictionwise leave me your email in a comment.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chameleon and Conquest: Earth by Angelique Anjou

Futuristic Romance

Chameleon is novella length story set on a world where human have been allowed by the natives of the planet to settle in specific places. They are also forbidden to go anywhere else but Cara, a young woman routinely visits one of the forbidden forests. As a young girl she had saved what she thought was a griffin from a trap set in the forest and had sneaked him home to visit. What she had really saved was one of the shape shifting natives and therein lies the story. Chameleon is an enjoyable short read.

Angelique Anjou packaged the first three chapters of Conquest: Earth at the end of Chameleon and I was hooked after reading them. Conquest: Earth is novel length. The Conquest part is not what you expect. As one of the side characters said; they have certainly come to conquer, just not what everyone thinks. An all make group has been sent to set up a colony and first lands on Earth. The immediate reaction is fear of an invasion. Realizing that Earth has a dominant native race they move and start their colony on Mars. Their race has a tradition of stealing their brides and they make everything worse by stealing Earth women. This is another light fun read. Get both Chameleon and Conquest: Earth if you are looking for entertaining Furutistic Romance.

Conquest: Earth is listed as erotica, but there is more sex and more explicit sex in most mainstream romance novels published today. Chameleon and Conquest: Earth both have a good story line, there is more story than sex and the sex fits as part of both stories.

New Concepts Publishing published Chameleon and Conquest: Earth by Angelique Anjou in 2009. I did not find a web page for Angelique Anjou.

I purchased both at Fictionwise. If you let me know you want to purchase either or both at Fictionwise leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a coupon for 10% off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breath of Fire by Tammy Kane


Breath of Fire is a great start to a new series and a new take on dragons and their riders. The writing is good, the story flows, the action is suspenseful, and the characters well-developed. Pick up Breath of Fire for a good read.

Karl does not believe in dragons so when he arrives at a village getting ready to stake out a virgin as a sacrifice he tells them there are no dragons. When they still insist on sacrificing the virgin to the dragon he takes her place. Imagine his surprise when the dragon arrives and he is chained to a rock . Fortunately for him Elera the dragon slayer arrives in time to kill the dragon. Unfortunately for him Elera claims him as her virgin prize. Karl has spent the last 17 years as an Initiate of Mattaen and is just 3 days away from taking his final vows; vows that require him have never had sex. His one night with Elera changes his life and leads him into danger, conflict with the Mattaen, and a life he never imagined. A life filled with surprises that include Elera’s true relationship with dragons.

Love Spell published Breath of Fire by Tammy Kane in 2009.

I purchased Breath of Fire from Borders.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sasha, A Trial of Blood and Steel by Joel Shepherd


I loved Joel Shepherd’s Cassandra Kresnov Science Fiction novels. With Sasha he left the Science Fiction world and moved to Fantasy. Sasha starts slower and did not catch me as quickly as The Cassandra Kresnov novels but I still enjoyed the book. Since Sasha is the first books in a new series much of the book is written to set up the world and the characters needed for the next books. There is still plenty of action and adventure, stress and tension, all combined with complex family and clan interaction. While one problem is solved the stage is set to further drama. This is a good start for a new series and I look forward to the next books.

PYR published Sasha, A Trial of Blood and Steel by Joel Shepherd in 2009.

I purchased Sasha at Amazon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens


Alexa Fitzwalter is an attorney with few ties to modern day Denver when she is pulled into Lladrana, a land where magic is the norm. She is called to rediscover lost magical skills and save Lladrana from an invasion of magical creatures. Her struggle in the new land is filled with pain, joy, romance and adventure. Guardian of Honor is the first of The Summoning Series books written by Robin Owens. I have read all of Robin Owens Heart books set on the planet Celta and found Guardian of Honor to be a nice counterpart to that series. If you are reading the Heart series and have not tried theThe Summoning Series books you are in for a treat.

Luna published Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens in 2005.

I checked Guardian of Honor out at the library.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Diving into the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Science Fiction

Science Fiction books are my favorite and good Science Fiction books are really my favorite. In my opinion Kristine Kathryn Rusch has never written a bad Science Fiction book and Diving into the Wreck is no exception. The book is composed of three separate parts; Diving into the Wreck, The Room of Lost Souls, and The Heart of the Machine. Finding a ship thousands of years old with some working stealth tech starts a series of events that span all three sections. There are people who feel it is too dangerous to have around and want to destroy it. Others want to replicate it for their own purposes. Diving into the Wreck is a well-written Science Fiction story filled with tension, action, interesting characters and adventure. Pick it up if you want a good read.

PYR published Diving into the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch in 2009.

I purchased Diving into the Wreck at Amazonl

Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

Paranormal Romance

In On the Edge Ilona Andrews has crafted a new reality for her next series. There is the Broken where there is no magic; the Weird, which is full of magic and between the two, is the Edge, a narrow strip where some magic exists. Only people who live on the Edge can easily visit both the Broken and the Weird but life in the Edge is hard.

Rose Drayton lives in the Edge and works a minimum wage job in the Broken to support herself and her two brothers. She has some powerful magic and at one time she through it would make life easier for her and her brothers. Unfortunately all the magic has brought her is trouble. Just when she thinks that thing can’t get any worse Declan Camarine, a noble from the Weird shows up determined to marry her. Declan is not all that comes to the Edge; an intense new danger shows up looking for magic. Rose is a target and she needs help to survive. Thus the stage is set for On the Edge the first book in a thrilling new paranormal series by Ilona Andrews. Check out On the Edge.

Ace published On the Edge by Ilona Andrews in 2009.

Ilona Andrews is the husband and wife team of Ilona and Gordon Anderson.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dark Stranger by Susan Sizemore

Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal

I am not a big fan of vampire stories but when I read the recommendation for Dark Stranger on Fictionwise I had to give it a try. After I started reading I did not want to put the book down (or in this case shut down the computer). Dark Stranger is a great example of a cross-genre book that works. Susan Sizemore has taken her vampire Prime books into the future. General Matthias “Doc” Raven is the ranking officer among the humans held in a prisoner of war camp that holds three different alien species. Zoe Pappas is among the new prisoners arriving at the camp. Neither are what they seem to be. The characters in the book are well thought out, the back-story skillfully woven into the whole, and the story is tension filled. You do not need to be familiar with Susan’s Prime series to enjoy this story.

Speaking as a Science Fiction Romance lover Dark Stranger will go on my favorites shelf.

Pocket Star Books published Dark Stranger by Susan Sizemore in 2009.

I purchased Dark Stranger from Fictionwise. If you would like to order from Fictionwise and get a discount leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a coupon for 10% off.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Odd Girl Out by Timothy Zahn

Science Fiction

Odd Girl Out is the third book in the interstellar detective series that started with Night Train to Rigel. I missed the second book (The Third Lynx) and I read Night Train to Rigel three years ago. It was good to see Frank and Bayta again and there was enough back-story that I never felt lost. Odd Girl Out could be read as a stand-alone but it helped that I had read Night Train to Rigel.

Like the first book most of the action in Odd Girl Out is on the Quadrail, the trains run by the Spiders that travel the galaxy. The Modhri, a group mind, is still the villain. Frank Compton and Bayta have stymied the Modhri plans twice. However, as the agents chosen to combat the Modhri they have to stop a new set of plans to take over the galaxy. They are like old style detectives and the action is fast and furious. Get on board for a great story and ride the Quadrail again.

TOR published Odd Girl Out by Timothy Zahn in 2008.

The books in the series are:

Night Trail to Rigel
The Third Lynx
Odd Girl Out

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I read in October

Science Fiction

The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald
Vigilante, A Major Ariane Kedros Novel by Laura E. Reeve
Promise of the Flame by Sylvia Engdahl
Odd Girl Out by Timothy Zahn
Steal Across the Sky by Nancy Kress


Rainbow's End by Irene Rannon
Mastered by Love by Stephanie Laurens
Montana Creeds: Dylan by Linda Lael Miller
Montana Creeds: Tyler by Linda Lael Miller
So Enchanting by Connie Brockway

Paranormal Romance

White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz
Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros
Guardian by Claire Felacroix
On the Edge by Ilona Andrews


Medalon by Jennifer Fallon
Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore

Go to the right of the page and click on the Goodreads button to see my rating on each of these books.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steal Across the Sky by Nancy Kress

Science Fiction

Nancy Kress is a master at starting a story one place and ending it another. In Stealing Across the Sky I thought I knew where the story was going but had it all wrong. In the near future Earth has been visited by the Atoners, aliens who removed humans from Earth 10,000 years ago, placed them on different planets and used them in an experiment they now feel was wrong. The Atoners have chosen 21 Witnesses to visit the planets where the humans were sent to witness what was done. It looks like following the Witnesses on those planets is the story, but after the first third of the book the story moves to what happens when the Witnesses come back to Earth. The premise is good, the mystery well presented and the cast of characters keeps everything moving forward. This is an interesting what if story about humans and what we might be missing.

I have not read a Nancy Kress book since Beggars in Spain. After reading Steal Across the Sky I’ll be looking for more of her books.

TOR published Steal Across the Sky by Nancy Kress in 2009.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore


The fourth book in the Heroes series, Heroes at Risk, continues the story of Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish. Long ago the Ancestors came to this planet with their machines. The machines did not work and most left. Among those who stayed a few developed the unique ability to stop natural disasters that made the planet hard to live on. Source Shintaro Karish has the ability to channel and stop natural disasters. Shield Lee Mallorough protects him while he works and keeps the natural forces from destroying him during the process. Both Source and Shield have extensive training before being bonded and then are paired for life. If one dies the other dies soon after.

Shintaro Karish (Called the Stallion of the Triple S) was the last person Lee Mallorough wanted to be bonded to. Heroes at Risk continues to develop the relationship/attraction between Taro and Lee while setting the stage for the next book. The Source and Shield relationship has never been called magic; in fact most do not believe magic exists. But when Lee and Taro return to their home base they find many delving into spells and magic. They are soon drawn into the trouble this is causing. Heroes at Risk is an entertaining extension of the Heroes saga. It can be read as a stand-alone but for maximum enjoyment read the first three books first.

ACE published Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore in 2009.

The books in the Heroes series are:

Resenting the Hero
The Hero Strikes Back
Heroes Adrift
Heroes at Risk

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I mentioned finding a book by Jennifer Fallon in my TBR pile. I don't know what anyone else's TBR pile looks like but here is mine. It is in three different places as well as scattered in ones and twos around the house.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Medalon by Jennifer Fallon


Two of my sons told me I needed to read any of Jennifer Fallon’s series. And guess what; there was one of her books in my too be read pile. Medalon, the first book in the Hythrun Chronicles, is the story of the Demon Child who was born to kill a God. Jennifer Fallon has created a complex world filled with well thought out characters. The Gods are real in this world appearing and interfering in a capricious manner. The world is often brutal and the opposing forces both interesting and terrifying. Medalon is a great start to a three-book trilogy. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

The next two books in the Hythrun Chronicles are Treasure Keep and Harshini.

TOR published Medalon by Jennifer Fallon in 2000.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson

Science Fiction

Bitter Angels is extremely interesting. The fact that it is written sometimes in the first person from different characters point of view and sometimes in the third person made reading confusing. It was important at the first of each chapter to determine whose point of view I was reading. Terese Drajeske has been called back into service to investigate the murder of a friend in the Erasmus System. Nothing is as it seems and as each character tells their part of the story the pieces of the puzzle come together. There are clues to the mystery scattered through the story. It is up to the reader to put them together. All in all Bitter Angles is an excellent example of good Science Fiction writing.

C.L. Anderson is a pen name for Sarah Zettel. This is her first novel for this publisher and they must have wanted her shelved in the A's and not the Z's.

Random House published Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson in 2009.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vigilante, A Major Adiane Kedros Novel by Laura E. Reeve

Science Fiction

Vigilante by Laura E. Reeve is the second book in the Major Adiane Kedros series. Laura E. Reeve has again written a riveting story filled with action and betrayal. The characters are complex, the world building first rate and the plot filled with unexpected twists and turns. Vigilante is science fiction space opera at its best. Adiane and her partner Matt are caught up in a plot set off by a Terran fringe group that requires former enemies to work in a united action. Tensions rise as each tries to gain the upper hand. With all the loose ends at the conclusion of Vigilante it looks Major Adiane Kedros will be back with another book. I hope the series is long running.

Follow this link to see my post on Peacekeeper, the first book in the series.

ROC published Vigilante by Laura E. Reeve in 2009.

I purchased Vigilante at Borders. It is also available from Amazon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger

Futuristic Romance

It is always a treat to find a new author that writes a good futuristic romance. Beyond the Rain is the first published book by Jess Granger and it is just such a find. This is the story of two very different people who are thrown together and must help each other in the struggle to survive. They find that their differences are what help bind them together. Beyond the Rain is set on a series of complex new alien worlds, each with its own unique culture. The world building is good; the pace is fast and the plot well developed. In Beyond the Rain the love story is blended into the action producing a very satisfying whole.

From the ending it looks like there will be at least one more book from Jess Granger set in this universe. I will be looking forward to the release.

If you think you recognize Jess Granger’s name she writes Ethel the Space Pirate, a free on-line story.

Penguin published Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger in 2009.

Beyond the Rain is available at Amazon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Promise of the Flame by Sylvia Engdahl

Science Fiction

Promise of the Flame is the continuation of the story began in Stewards of the Flame. You can follow this link to see my post on Stewards of the Flame, the first book in the series.

I started reading Promise of the Flame as soon as it arrived and I was hooked from the first page. I picked the book up every chance I got and finally the second day finished it by staying up late. Sylvia Engdahl knows how to pace a novel and get her message across while telling an engaging and suspenseful story. Since she does not ever let the message overwhelm the story you can relax and enjoy a well-told tale of struggle and victory over huge odds. After you get through enjoying the story you can think about the message. (Since there are several I will let you find them for yourself.)

I think this is a series everyone should read. It is a though provoking story that uses a future setting to speak about some of the problems we have today. It would be a great book club book sure to bring about a spirited discussion. For a reading group discussion guide click here.

Promise of the Flame can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading Stewards of the Flame first.

Ad Stellae Books published Promise of the Flame by Sylvia Engdahl in 2009.

Both Promise of the Flame and Stewards of the Flame are available from Amazon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Tau Ceti Agenda by Travis S. Taylor

Military Science Fiction

In The Tau Ceti Agenda the Separatist movement is at it again. Not satisfied with escaping the Solar System (One Day on Mars) they now are trying to wipe out a large city and kill the President. Travis Taylor has written another fast paced military science fiction thriller. The Tau Ceti Agenda solves some of the mysteries left in One Day on Mars, sets up some new loose ends and has a shocker in the last chapter. It had been over a year since I read One Day on Mars but there was enough back-story included to keep me from feeling lost. I do recommend that you read One Day on Mars before reading The Tau Ceti Agenda.

Travis S. Taylor is a physicist and when he uses science he doesn’t just give it a name, he also explains how it works.

Baen published The Tau Ceti Agenda by Travis S. Taylor in 2008. If you follow the Baen link you can read several chapters of The Tau Ceti Agenda free before deciding if you want to purchase.

I purchased The Tau Ceti Agenda from Baen as an E-Book and read it on my e-Bookwise reader.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald

Science Fiction

Get ready for a wild ride on a blue ouroboros. The Stars Blue Yonder is the third book in the series and the adventure continues for Terry Myell and his wife Jodenny Scott Myell. The gods have changed time and every 24 hours Terry is picked up by the blue ouroboros and transported through time and space where he meets his child, his grandchildren and Jodenny at different ages. All the time he is charged with saving mankind. Thrown into the action is the Flying Doctor (an alien who is trying to stop Terry) and a descendent who claims to be his many times removed grandchild. The action is non-stop and the plot full of surprises. The Stars Blue Yonder is a another great addition to the Science Fiction world.

While this could be a stand-alone book I recommend reading The Outback Stars and The Stars Down Under before reading The Stars Blue Yonder. All three books are very good Science Fiction.

TOR published The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald in 2009.

The Stars Blue Yonder is available from Amazon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shipwrecked by Michelle Marquis

Science Fiction Romance

Shipwrecked Like Sarah’s Story(see previous post) is a novella. Michelle Marquis has written an enjoyable science Fiction Romance. Morgan has avoided Jon Lawless since she went on shore leave, drank too much and woke up to find them in bed together. Lawless regrets his past mistakes and wants to find a way to connect to Morgan. When an accident finds them stranded together Morgan is forced to face her attraction to Jon. While the premise has been used many times before the story is still enjoyable. The writing is fresh, the characters well drawn and the romance heartwarming. If you are looking for a short satisfying read pick up Shipwrecked.

Amira Press published Shipwrecked by Michelle Marquis in 2008.

Shipwrecked is available as an eBook. I purchased it at Fictionwise and read it on my eBookwise reader. If can also be downloaded to your computer. If you would like to purchase Shipwrecked and would like a 10% discount leave a comment with your email address and I will send you a discount coupon. It is also available from Amira.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah’s Story (Time Displacement Corps Series: Book 1) by Delilah K. Stephans

Science Fiction Romance

Don’t have time to read a long book but want a satisfying Science Fiction Romance? Sarah’s Story may be just the thing you are looking for. Delilah K. Stephans has written a passionate time travel novella. Sarah was one of the first agents the Time Displacement Corps sent back in time. She was to be gone for only a short time but something went wrong and she was not recovered. Ten year later a Time Displacement agent finds her but while 10 years have gone by for her it has taken over 40 years for the Time Displacement Corps to find her. This changes events for Sarah and the agent. Sarah’s Story has a excellent plot, well-developed characters and a touching romance. All in all Sarah’s Story in is enjoyable short read.

Red Rose Publishing released Sarah’s Story by Delilah K. Stephans in 2009.

Sarah’s Story is available as an eBook. I purchased it at Fictionwise and read it on my eBookwise reader. If can also be downloaded to your computer. If you would like to purchase Sarah’s Story and would like a 10% discount leave a comment with your email address and I will send you a discount coupon. It is also available from Red Rose.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I read in September

You can find my book ratings on Goodreads


Finger Licking Fifteen by Janet Evanaovich

Science Fiction

Sword of the Lady by S.M. Sterling
By Heresies Distressed by David Weber
Xenopath by Eric Brown
Bitter Angels by C. L. Anderson
Tau Ceti Agenda by Travis S. Taylor
The Men of Anderas: Jardan by C. J. Johnson
Sarah's Story [Time Displacement Corps Series: Book 1] by Delilah K. Stephans
Shipwrecked! by Michelle Marquis
Blade's Edge by Val Roberts
Coyote Horizon by Allen Steele
Darkscape, The Rebel Lord by R. Garland Gray
Lucan by Susan Kearney
Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger


Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman
What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas
Knight of Desire by Margaret Mallory
The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas
Tempt Me At Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas


The Lone Texan is the latest book by Jodi Thomas in the Whispering Mountain Series. Set in Texas in the 1850’s, The Lone Texan is the story of Sage McMurray and Drummond Roak. Both Sage and Drummond appeared in previous Whispering Mountain books. Sage has been in Boston studying to be a doctor. Drummond has never forgotten Sage and has been waiting for her return to Texas. A lot has changed since they last met and in typical Jody Thomas fashion their path is filled with troubles and perils. The Lone Texan has Texas lore, adventure, and romance. It is a great addition to the Whispering Mountain books.

Berkley Books published The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas in 2009.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas


Tempt Me At Twilight is the latest book about the unique and unusual Hathaway family. Unlike the rest of her unconventional family Poppy Hathaway longs for a normal life but all of her plans fall apart when she meets Harry Rutledge. If you have been reading this series you will recognize his name. Harry Rutledge is mentioned in previous books as the reclusive owner of the Rutledge Hotel where the Hathaway’s stay when they are in London. Poppy meets Harry when her sister’s ferret Dodger steals a letter from Poppy’s current suitor. While chasing Dodger through the hotel Poppy stumbles into a secret passage that ends in Harry’s private trophy room. That one meeting changes both of their lives. Tempt Me At Twilight is a wonderful addition to the Hathaway saga. There are glimpses into the lives of all of the Hathaway’s as they deal with Harry and Poppy. It is great fun to meet old friends while setting the scene for the rest of the books in the series. Lisa Kleypas continues to write great stories that fulfill the desires of readers like me.

St. Martins Paperbacks published Tempt Me At Twilight by Lisa Kleypas in 2009.

While Tempt Me At Twilight is part of a series it can be read as a stand-alone.

The other books in the series are:

Mine Till Midnight
Seduce Me at Sunrise

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Xenopath, A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown

Science Fiction

Warning: This contains a spoiler for Necropath, the first novel in the Bengal Station series.

Xenopath by Eric Brown is the second novel featuring Jeff Vaughn. In Necropath Jeff was a cynical and disillusioned telepath barely able to stand the burden caused by his telepathic implant. In spite of everything he succeeded in destroying a malevolent alien and in the process had the implant ripped out.

Xenopath finds Jeff two years later. He is a very different person. No longer a telepath he is married, expecting a child and happy. An unexpected job offer finds Jeff again dealing with an alien entity. This time his job is to help not destroy the alien. As a result Xenopath does not have the dark edgy tone that characterized Necropath. Xenopath is a hard to put down page-turner. There are characters from the first novel as well as some interesting new additions. The change in Jeff Vaughn makes him more likable and part of the tension comes from wanting things to go well in his new life. Even through events are threating his new life he does not back down from doing what is right. Eric Brown weaves all of these factors into a great story. If you like a well written engaging Science Fiction mystery pick up Xenopath.

Solaris published Xenopath by Eric Brown in 2009. Xenopath is available from Amazon.

Books in the Bengal Station series are:

is due out in December of 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coyote Horizon, A Novel of Interstellar Discovery by Allen Steele

Science Fiction

Coyote Horizon is Allan Steele’s latest book about Coyote. Set after the Coyote trilogy, things are changing on Coyote and on Earth. Everyone is dealing with the discovery of other intelligent species. Earth is collapsing and wants to send as many people to Coyote as possible. The settlers on Coyote want controlled immigration. All of these factors lead to unexpected consequences. Many of the characters from the earlier books play a major role in Coyote Horizon. Fans of the series will not be disappointed and new readers will want to go back and read the first books.

Ace published Coyote Horizon by Allen M. Steele in 2009. According to Allen Steele the second book in the duology, Coyote Destiny, will conclude the story arc.

Coyote Horizon is available from Amazon and from Fictionwise.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sharing Knife: Beguilement, Legacy, Passage, and Horizon by Lois McMaster Bujold


Beguilement, Legacy, Passage and Horizon are the four books in The Sharing Knife series. This is a continuing story published in four volumes so start at the beginning and read the books in order.

Bujold has created a world where malice’s are the major threat to life. There are two divisions of humans on this world; Lakewalkers who can sense and kill malice’s and the Framers they protect. Neither trusts the other. Lakewalkers keep their abilities secret and do not mix with Farmers. Farmers do not understand or trust those Lakewalker abilities. Many Farmers have never seen a malice and do not believe in the threat that a malice poses.

Lakewalker Dag Redwing Hickory meets and saves Farmer Fawn Bluefield and they do two things that are unthinkable. Together they kill a malice. Farmers never kill malice’s. Then they fall in love and marry. Lakewalkers never marry Farmers. The two main conflicts in the story move from that point. Dag has spent his life fighting malice’s and realizes that Lakewalkers need to work with Farmers if everyone is to stay safe. He and Fawn start a long journey aimed at healing the breach between the two groups.

While this series is different from the Vorkosigan Saga also written by Bujold it carries some of the same themes. Both highlight how people are not as different as they think they are. All it takes is someone willing to look at a problem in a different way and solutions can be found. Like all of Bujold’s books there are well-developed characters, an action filled the plot, and an engaging story in The Sharing Knife series. If you like romance, adventure and fantasy you will love this series.

Eos published The Sharing Knife series by Lois McMaster Bujold.

The books in order are:


The books are available from Amazon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Necropath: A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown

Science Fiction


I stayed confused for the first part of this book because the cover shows Bengal Station located in space. The blurb on the back clearly states that Bengal Station is a spaceport located in the middle of the Indian Ocean but I did not read that before I started the book. The description of the station was not matching the cover location and it took me awhile to sort out what was wrong.

At Bengal Station ships arrive out of the void, dock and have to be checked for refugees from other worlds. That job falls to telepaths like Jeff Vaughan. When Vaughan’s supervisor pulls him away from some of the ships he starts to wonder if something dangerous is arriving. He becomes suspicious of a new religion worshiping an alien god and thinks that it is connected to the unchecked ships. His investigation takes him to a remote colony world where an attempt is made on his life. Then the investigation leads back to Bengal Station where the final confrontation takes place. During all of this Vaughn is fighting the problems caused by the constant barrage of thoughts that invade his mind and the drug he uses to make life bearable as a telepath. Necropath has danger, unusual characters, a great plot and a new take on telepaths.

Necropath is an exciting start to a new three book series by Eric Brown. Xenopath the second book in the series is available now and Cosmopath the third book is coming out in December of 2009.

Solaris published Necropath by Eric Brown in 2008.

Necropath is available from Amazon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen a Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich


St. Martin’s Press published Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovich in 2009. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen has the same snappy dialog, crazy situations, great characters and mysteries that are a hallmark of this series. You just have start reading and enjoy a great ride. Stephanie is still a bounty hunter and has sworn off of men for good. Then Ranger asks Stephanie to help find out who is breaking into homes his security firm is protecting. At the same time Morelli is called in when Lulu witnesses a murder. Stephanie may have sworn off men but the two in her life are always around. Add in a barbecue contest with Grandma Mazur and everything heats up. I have read all of the Stephanie Plum novels in order starting with One For the Money. You can start anywhere and once you taste one of the books you will come back for more.

All of the Stephanie Plum novels are available at Amazon.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What I read in August

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Sin and Shadows by Lyn Benedict
Breakaway by Joel Shepherd
By Love Undone by Suzanne Enoch
Time and Again by Jack Finney
Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen
Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
Selling Forever by Kimber Chin
Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
Tempted by His Kiss by Tracy Anne Warren
Necropath, A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown
Then You Came by Lisa Kleypas
A Texas Ranger's Family by Mae Nunn
The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick
When Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas
Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
Fledging by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Seduced by His Touch by Tracy Anne Warren
Obsiden Prey by Jayne Castle
Coyote Frontier by Allen Steele
The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sander
The Sharing Knife: Horizon by Lois McMaster Bujold

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liaden Universe, books by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Space Opera

I recommended Fledging, a side story in the Liaden Universe, in a previous post and I felt that I had to recommend the books that make up the main arc in the Liaden Universe. I have put off posting on this series because I don’t think I can do the books justice.

I have a long history with the Liaden books. I picked up Agent of Change and Conflict of Honors, the first two books in the series, right after they came out in 1988. I got the next book, Carpe Diem, in 1989 and watched in vain for book four. The first three books went on my favorite shelf moving with me at least 7 times. I was resigned to the fact that I would never find out what happened when Plan B went into effect. Then in 1998 my son called to tell me that Steve and Sharon had found a new published and Plan B was finally going to be published. I was one of the first in line to buy the book. In 2002 I Dare, the fifth and final book in the arc, was published. All five books have a permanent place on my favorite shelf. The series is one that I love to reread. Each time I find something new.

The books are the story of Clan Korval. Authors Steve Miller and Sharon Lee have created a unique and believable universe populated with several different human branches and some interesting aliens. Clan Korval is located on Liaden where you will find a complex group of clans with an intricate set social rules and values. It is said that on Liaden there are the clans and then there is Korval. The characters portrayed in Clan Korval have surprising talents. They also have powerful enemies who are working to bring to clan down.

The series is filled with deadly enemies, surprising allies, great characters and a riveting story. In this well crafted universe each book adds an extra dimension to the problems and solutions needed for the clan to survive. As each layer is added to the story characters that were minor come forward to play a vital role in the clan’s move to defeat their enemies.

This series is space opera at its finest and a must read for any space opera fan.

The books in the series are:

Agent of Change
Conflict of Honors
Carpe Diem
Plan B
I Dare

If you would like to check out the books there are samples available at

At the present time the books are only available from Baen as eBooks. Baen will be reissuing the books in paper some time in the near future.