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DeadSpeak 2 by Ruth Bainbridge - Book Blast and Giveaway

by Ruth Bainbridge


GENRE:  Mystery/thriller



DEADSPEAK2. The chilling new entry in the Deadspeak Mystery Series

Things look different when you're dead.

It’s Halloween and a group of teens throw a party at Harbinger Falls’ most celebrated haunted estate. It’s all fun and games until a session with a Ouija board guides the partygoers to the body of a young girl hidden in the attic. 

Detective Kimberly Trent is assigned the case and quickly discovers that all is not as it seems. First, there’s the connection between the death and a string of petnappings terrorizing the neighborhood. Then there’s the suicide note that only leaves more questions than answers. A visit from Kimberly’s ghostly friend Griff Lindon sheds an unwelcome light. It seems she’s had a run in with the newly deceased who tells her she’s been murdered. 

This is the second in The Deadspeak Mysteries. The entries are meant to be read in sequential order and do not standalone. In each book, you’ll find a new murder for Kimberly Trent to solve. You’ll also find the continuing search for who murdered Kim’s sister Elizabeth. Each book will take you closer and closer to finding out the identity of The Hex Killer, the serial killer who ended Elizabeth’s short life. It will also bring you to the heart of the evil that’s come back to life to wreak revenge. 



“No, you can’t come over to explain! I know what I saw!”

Mia Chaukes, the pleasant girl with the quiet demeanor, was shouting. It was unusual for the sixteen-year-old to raise her voice or be this upset, but she wasn’t backing down. She couldn’t. Not after what she’d witnessed.

It went against everything she believed in.

Her eyes traveled the length of the pink walls. It had been her favorite color when she was younger and always put her in a good mood, but would it still work today?

She sought comfort from the color—and from the shelves lined with the vestiges of her past. Unicorns, teddy bears, and other stuffed toys were there with sunny smiles and arms outstretched for a hug, but they only served as a reminder that things had changed and would never be the same.

“Don’t you dare tell me that!” she blasted as more desperation came through the receiver … desperation and elaborate excuses.

Anything but the truth.

She wouldn’t be lied to … not anymore.

“Don’t you dare tell me I’m imagining things! I’ll hang up … I mean it!”

What would have happened if she hadn’t taken that way home? Or if she’d left earlier or later? Endless possibilities, one worse than the other, shot through her mind, each making her sick to her stomach. But before the nausea disappeared, an equally disturbing question rose to the surface.

What did happen?


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in the idyllic, sleepy town of Ithaca, NY, Ruth Bainbridge has been a lover of mysteries for her entire life.

Ever since a child, she has consumed detective stories at regular intervals, becoming enamored with all the superstars of crime. She loved nothing more than to match wits with the likes of Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Thomas Pitt, Lord Peter Wimsey, Richard Jury, and Edward X Delaney, becoming inspired by their brilliance. Hoping to emulate her writing idol’s achievements in dreaming up such characters, she started composing her own short stories.

However, life interfered with her plans of becoming the next hopeful to try a life of crime—on paper at least. Devoting herself to her marriage and the raising of four children, the empty nest syndrome gave her the impetus to return to her first love—murder.

Amazon Author Page:
Twitter: @Ruth_Mysteries



The author will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly chosen commenter. 

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 150 - The Phoenix Warrior by Ella Drake, Provenance by Ann Leckie, A Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander

The Phoenix WarriorThe Phoenix Warrior by Ella Drake
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had trouble getting into this one. I found the action to be slow and the result difficult to understand. I did like the characters but did not feel the tension between the the two main ones made that much sense. I also found the book to be overly long. I felt it would have been better if it was edited down to a shorter length. I will wait to see if book two does a better job of catching me.

ProvenanceProvenance by Ann Leckie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a interesting story. Like my headline after I finished listening I came to the conclusion that this was story about sibling rivalry and coming of age mixed with politics. All of this is wrapped up in a complex plot while following the sibling who never expected to inherit because of her adoption background. Included were the different worlds, aliens, and the politics involved when you mixed all of this up. There is great world building and back story told from the main characters point of view. Adjoa Andoh does great job with giving voice to all the characters that are represented in this very complex plot.

Death in St. Petersburg (Lady Emily, #12)Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This time Lady Emily has managed to join her husband Colin while he is on assignment. This leads to a book that tells a tail of mystery as well as highlighting the city of St. Petersburg. Set at the turn of the century there is unrest but the Tsar is still in power and the rich and mighty fill the halls of the city. What starts as a magical night at the ballet turns into a tale of murder when the principal ballerina is found dead outside of the theater. Lady Emily is asked to find the killer and she accepts. I was fun to see the city through her eyes and to watch her eliminate one suspect after another. There is a hint of the coming unrest before she realizes who the killer is. At the same time Colin is looking into the situation for England and the Queen. A very nice addition to the series.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 149 - Dark Justice by Jenna Ryan, The Rancher's Christmas Song by RaeAanne Thane, Kris Longknife's Replacement by Mike Shepherd

Dark JusticeDark Justice by Jenna Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amber Kelly is in a world of hurt and it just keeps getting worse. In all of this she does not fall apart but keeps trying to get things right. Gage Morgan is assigned to keep her safe. The fly in the ointment; Rachel, Amber's sister. Both have been in witness protection and Rachel has just given away their location. This is a fast paced action filled story that was a tension filled fun read. The four stars instead of five - that was because one of the bad guys was not taken down and Amber, Gage, and Rachel were not completely safe at the end.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

The Rancher's Christmas Song (The Cowboys of Cold Creek)The Rancher's Christmas Song by RaeAnne Thayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You just know that when young twins show up there will be a romance in the air. This time Beckett McKinley's wild twin boys set the stage by making a bargain with Ella Baker. In return for helping them with a special song for their Dad they will teach her how to ride. Of course Beck ends up doing the teaching and finally realizing that Ella is much more than he thought. A great romance that takes place at the Christmas Ranch while introducing a new cast of characters. A great fit for the series.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Kris Longknife's ReplacementKris Longknife's Replacement by Mike Shepherd
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sandy Santiago is the replacement for Kris at Alwa Station and her fun begins at once. This takes the reader on a tour of the space around Alwa, goes to the cat's home on Canopus Station and on to a fight with those terrible aliens who kill all they find and blow themselves up before they will surrender. It is a alright story that is aimed at fans of Kris. I did not like some of the voices used in the story. Sandy was OK Penny's voice was so light and high she sounded like a very young girl not the mature woman she is. Even so it was an interesting listen.

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Other Worlds - Virtual Tour and Giveaway

by Allyson Lindt, Award-Winning author A.D. Trosper
Cheri Schmidt and Tristan Hunt
Akaria Gale and Award-Winning author R. A. Steffan
Jennifer Rose McMahon
Award-Winning author Amy L Gale
Shawnee Small and K. R. Fajardo
Award-Winning author Lea Kirk
Mychal Daniels and Laura Hysell
Shawna Romkey and Elizabeth Ryder
E.A. Weston
Award-Winning author Lindsay Avalon
LaVerne Thompson and Starla Night
Jayne Fury and Isadora Brown


GENRE: Paranormal romance, Sci-fi romance



Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance

Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination…

21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive epic adventures.

Rogue spaceship captains, dark vampire lords, supernatural hunters, crafty hackers, uncompromising alien alphas, fearless shifters, and MORE await in this highly sought-after collection including BRAND NEW romantic, otherworldly tales!

Step into OTHER WORLDS as these fresh voices of SFR and PNR take you on a journey to immortal realms and extraterrestrial territories where your imagination takes flight and fantasies come to life.

Blurb for Overexposed:

Max and Taylor have spent the last decade running.
From the people who killed their families. From an organization that wants to experiment on them… dead or alive. And from an epidemic that could drive Taylor mad and unleash his psychic abilities. As someone whose mind can’t be read, Max is his link to sanity. The closer they grow, the more they question if friendship is enough.

And even fugitives need to earn a living.
As one of the world’s most notorious hacker teams, Max and Taylor burrow their way in to digital closets to find the darkest secrets of their powerful targets, and expose them for all to see. The biggest drawback—a list of ruthless enemies who want to see them crash and burn. Literally, if possible.
And now, they face their greatest danger—exposure.
Someone knows who they are, and is threatening to expose their secret. If they can’t stop their unknown assailant and hide their tracks, staying alive may be the least of their concerns. Staying sane may be impossible, and falling in love may be the most dangerous thing they do.



Max exited at the next service station, and cued up for the first available ethanol pump. When a spot emptied, she slid in, becoming part of the ballet of an eternally crowded gas station. Her stomach growled, and heat flushed her face.

Taylor’s grin was tired, but it reached his eyes. “You must be feeling a little better.”

“A bit. When we hit Mesquite, we should find a twenty-four-hour buffet.” She was asking him to grab her something from the convenience store. Pre-packaged food wasn’t the best, but it was better than gnawing on her fingernails, and it would shut up her protesting stomach.

He’d given the all clear, and she hadn’t seen anyone for miles, but years of practice made it hard to switch off the contradictory words.

While she filled the tank, Taylor went in search of food for the second leg of their trip. He was better with people.

The pump ticked off numbers, the dollar count climbing much faster than the gallons. She let her gaze wander over the parking lot, occasionally drifting back to the familiar face inside.

An SUV pulled into the gas station, bypassed the line for the pumps, and circled the parking lot. Max’s mental alert meter chimed. It was probably nothing, but there was no reason to take chances. She stopped the pump, keeping her movements casual, and alternated her attention between the new arrival and Taylor, who was almost to the front of the line.

Please don’t let the SUV be here for us.

Max shoved her hands in her pockets to keep from drumming her fingers on her leg. When that didn’t work, she grabbed a squeegee, and tried to busy myself with washing the windshield. Horns blared, urging make room for the next car. The noise increased in volume and rhythm when the SUV parked a few feet back from her, angled so it wouldn’t block the other pumps, but cutting off anyone behind them and trapping her.

She bit the inside of her cheek, and focused on the sting of pain to keep panic from having its way.

The back door of the vehicle opened, and the doctor from the shelter climbed out. “Good evening, miss. It’s Max, right?”

Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit. Her earlier nausea surged back. She forced a tired smile. Would the irritated people around them, shouting now for them to move, be enough to block out the fact she didn’t emit any thoughts or emotions of her own? “Doctor. What are you doing all the way out here?” At least her voice didn’t shake.

“Something concerned me about your blood tests.” The doctor stood less than a foot away. “Do you have a minute to talk?”
They tracked Max hundreds of miles from the shelter to talk about a false pregnancy positive? She didn’t believe that for a second. “You said we were clean.” Every muscle in her body coiled, prepping for flight. “I’m sorry to be abrupt, doctor, but we’ve been driving all night. We’d like to find a motel sooner rather than later. If you leave me with your card, we can connect after I’ve had some sleep?”

He shot his hand out and grabbed her upper arm, digging his fingers in until her muscles screamed in protest.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She likes her stories with sweet geekiness and heavy spice, because cubicle dwellers need love too. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together. Her next book, Over Exposed, is part of the Other Worlds Collection, a special $0.99 boxed set bundle of 20 PNR and SFR novels for a limited time. Preorder now!



*waves* Hey, all. I’m Allyson Lindt. I write stories that tend toward the geeky, whether it’s paranormal sci-fi or contemporary romance.

World building is a huge part of the writing I do, especially with my science fiction and fantasy, but even when it comes to the contemporary side of things. And it’s not something I do on my own.

The process works something like this (but sometimes completely different, depending on the mood). I see an idea that makes me go “ooh, neat”. For instance, what if some people were really psychic or hard core empathic, and could read minds and emotions? What if that meant those people were on the top to-hire lists for most corporations, because hey, what’s a little corporate espionage between businesses?

Once I have a basic idea, I tell my sweetie, “Hey, there’s this thing in my head.” Because I’m a big picture person. She takes details to a whole new level though. Creates nooks and crannies and governments and universes and economic structures, all around a few sentences from me. Then hands them back over to me to build a story around.

My current new release, Over Exposed, is a lot like that. The idea struck me one day, and she helped me build it into more. The heroine is a hacker, living in a world of psychics, and she’s one in a million whose mind can’t be read. Which makes her a hot commodity when it comes to insider trading, and as good as dead if those same corporations catch up to her. She’s torn between the light in her world and her best friend, Taylor, and a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, who could solve all her problems, or destroy her entire world.

It’s part of the Other Worlds box set, which is 20 books for only $.99, and it’s a full length novel, so it would be a steal alone for that price. And you get 19 other amazing books to go with it.

Author info:

Pre-order now to secure YOUR copy of this limited edition Sci-Fi Romance and Paranormal Romance collection!

The book will be on sale for $0.99 during the tour.

Buy link


FB page

FB party page



The authors will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
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Travesty of Justice by Heather Butler - Blurb Blitz and Giveaway

Travesty of Justice
by Heather Butler

GENRE: Romance drama



Samuel, a strong black African man, Nicole a beautiful white woman, that has mystical visions meet in the year of 1999, in the city of Halifax, a small university town in the heart of Nova Scotia. They are living in a society that has been torn with racial tension for centuries. They struggled with discrimination, and are facing too many obstacles.

Samuel, now a medical doctor, is working hard to gain access to his chosen profession. He knocks on many different doors asking for just one chance, to demonstrate his capabilities as a qualified doctor, but his efforts and knocks go unanswered. When they appeal to their government for help and intervention; it is then that they will discover a conspiracy, which will nearly destroy their lives. As Samuel and Nicole work hard to overcome the injustice that is thrown at them. Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret he has buried for years from Nicole, can no longer be hidden.

This true-life story called Travesty of Justice, will touch you on a human level, allowing you to look beyond the color of one skin, and see two people, their minds, their hearts, and hear their cries, as they fight for courage and strength, in a society that goes to extraordinary measure to deny access.



A tear rolled down Nicole’s cheek, as she looked around the empty room. She could still feel his presence, even those she could not see his face. Everything she had struggled to gain, was now gone, it had all vanished in a blink of an eye. With every tear that rolled down her cheek, she cried for the loss of their unborn child, for the hand she used to hold, for the love that still lived in her heart, but was now gone from her life. It had all disappeared into thin air. And she was left trying to understand why. Why didn’t they give him a chance, why hasn’t any of the doors they had knocked been answered? Why was the world so cold? Why did people judge others so unfairly? What gave them the right to deny, someone access to their careers, just because they didn’t study here. If they have the skills and knowledge, and it’s proven they did, then why wouldn’t they play fair? Didn’t they realize how many people lives, are left broken by these protective barriers they put in place. That they are denying, fair and equal opportunity for someone that deserve it, and also to those that are in need of the skills.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Heather Butler Designer and Owner of The Butler Collection of Jewelry. Author of Travesty of Justice, a compelling drama romance novel, and Thoughtful Moments, a book of inspirational poetry. Heather was born in Nova Scotia, but began her career in the Toronto apparel Industries, where she worked for over 10 ten years. With a talent eye for colors, and good sense for style, she quickly worked her way to the top, managing mutli -million dollar operations. Heather began her jewelry career in 2000, designing jewelry, which was showcased on Canadian shopping channel, under the trade name Unban Chic. She was also the on air sale person, for this line of jewelry, for several years. In 2012 Heather founded The Butler Collection, and worked in the company full time. The Butler Collection is a contemporary, and sophisticated fine line of gemstone jewelry, which reflects the modern women of today. Her signature collection is intricate bead work of rare exotic gemstones, pearls and crystal in sterling silver and gold. These one of a kind designs, and limited edition pieces are, distinctive, imaginative, colorful wearable piece of art. The Butler Collection jewelry has been worn on the red carpets, and awards show of, The Juno’s, the Academy of Television and Film, The Canadian Music Awards, and short film Crystals awards. The Celebrities that’s have worn The Butler Collection are, Taylor Swift, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Wright, Terri Clark, George Canyon, Amber Marshal, Kira Isabella, Caroline Dawn Johnson, just to name a few. The Tag line for The Butler Collection - (We design jewelry for the woman, who loves to be beautifully different.)

Our mission is to provide beautiful high quality handcrafted jewelry at an affordable priced for women across Canada. The Butler Collection endeavors to maintain new unique jewelry to keep our existing customers returning, and purchasing additional jewelry. We design with current seasonal colors, and fashion trends in mind. Our target market is women 30 to 70 age range, celebrities, business women, corporate executives, tourist’s boutiques, gift shops, galleries, fashion stores, as well as the wedding and special occasion market. Heather published her books in 2016, and have gotten great reviews for both books, and is presently working on the sequel to Travesty of Justice, which is called” The Magic in the Little Gemstone Kiosk “. Many churches and schools, often read from her book Thoughtful Moments.



Heather Butler will be awarding a paperback copy of the book (North America Only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Jane Austen Lied to Me by Jeanette Watts - Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway

Jane Austen Lied to Me
by Jeanette Watts

Be Sure to Read Where Jeanette Finds Inspiration 


GENRE: Humor



What college girl doesn’t dream of meeting Mr. Darcy? Lizzie was certainly no exception. But when Darcy Fitzwilliam comes into her life, he turns out to be every bit as aggravating as Elizabeth Bennett’s Fitzwilliam Darcy. So what’s a modern girl to do?

Jeanette Watts’ satire pokes loving fun at Jane and all of us who worship the characters who shall forever be our romantic ideals.



Well!  That was interesting.  My roommate invited me along to this frat party she was going to.  She went through something called rush week, and she is now pledged to a sorority.  She said the frats are less formal than the sororities, and even though I wasn’t a pledge I could go with her.  I figured, why not, it should be fun, right?

I got to meet the guy she’s chasing.  I couldn’t blame her for being interested.  He’s cute, and sweet, and considerate, and a total people-pleaser.  One of his parents must be the demanding sort who is never happy. 

He introduced us to his friend… whose name is Darcy Fitzwilliam!  I wasn’t sure at first that the guy wasn’t just pulling our legs.

“Your mother obviously loves Jane Austen,” I laughed.

“Obviously,” he answered.  Not much to go by.

“I love Pride and Prejudice,” I continued.

“I hate Pride and Prejudice.” I can only describe the look he was giving me as hostile.

“I think you will find yourself very much in a minority,” I answered, returning his look with one of my own.

We didn’t talk any more that night.  Talk about getting off on the wrong foot! 


Locations Where I Find Inspiration

Inspiration, for me at least, is closely linked to play.

I play a lot. I am a dance instructor, so one could say that playing is what I do for a living. I adore what I do. One could say I am teaching lead-follow skills, or foxtrot rhythms. I prefer to say I get to play with college kids, and senior citizens in my classes. 

I am also a Vintage dancer. Vintage dancers don’t just waltz, or polka, or cha-cha. We get dressed up in 1860s ballgowns and waltz and polka to period tunes while dancing at the State House. Or in a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. The cha-cha will be done while wearing a slinky 1930s dress and those incredibly cute shoes they had in that era, dancing to a 15-piece orchestra in a 1930s-era ballroom at the top of an old hotel. So, while I’m dancing, which is a playful activity, I’m also playing dress-up. 

So inside my head is a very happy 8-year child.

My playgrounds being rather filled with spectacle, they are a constant source of creativity. I have danced in Mrs. Astor’s ballroom in Newport - so when I was writing Brains and Beauty, Lina Astor sort of insisted she be included in my story. When I wrote the first book, I had no idea that my heroine was friends with her. Being an avid costumer makes it very easy to depict the passage of time by discussing changing fashions. The opening chapters of Wealth and Privilege describe a German: these were dance party games that were very popular in the 1870s. The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers in Boston frequently include Germans in their balls. I’ve done the dances I am describing. I actually had a dancer proofreading my book, and she was able to recognize a set dance that my characters were doing out on the lawn on a pleasant summer night!

Jane Austen Lied to Me was inspired by another playground; the Jane Austen Festival. In this case I’d spent the weekend romping in Regency dresses at balls, and tea, and shopping, and all the participants joined in a big promenade being taped, trying to set a record for biggest parade of people in Regency costume. Jane devotees in Bath, England have surely broken that record by now, but it was fun! And then on the drive home, this story emerged. And it’s not over yet; I wasn’t even done editing the book when a different playground gave me further inspiration: while I was watching a production at the theatre I realized this book really, really wants to be a Broadway musical! 


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jeanette Watts had been writing historic fiction when the inspiration for Jane Austen Lied to Me hit her on the drive home from the Jane Austen Festival. The idea was simply irresistible, and she put aside other writing projects in order to focus on writing a satire, thinking it would be a "mental vacation." It turned out to take every bit as much research to write a modern story as it does to write a historical one.

She has written television commercials, marketing newspapers, stage melodramas, four screenplays, three novels, and a textbook on waltzing.  When she isn’t writing, she teaches social ballroom dances, refinishes various parts of her house, and sews historical costumes and dance costumes for her Cancan troupe.







Jeanette Watts will be awarding a doll dressed in Regency clothing, handcrafted by the author (International Giveaway) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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