Monday, May 31, 2010

What I Read In May 2010

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Science Fiction

Catalyst by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scraborough
The Trade of Queens by Charles Stross

Futurist Romance

Beyond the Shadows by Jess Granger


Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander
Where Serpents Sleep by C. S. Harris
Why Mermaids Sing by C. S. Harris
The Masque of the Black Tulip by Lauren Willigh
Barnburner by Sharon Lee
What Remains of Heaven by C. S. Harr4is


Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle
Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett
Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson
A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh


Hell Fire by Ann Aguire
Destiny's Star by Elizabeth Vaughn
Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin
Bloody Right by Georgia Evans
Bloody Awful by Georgia Evans
The Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I Purchased in May

From Amazon:

Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch
Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre
Deceiver by C. J. Cherryh

From Fictionwise

Barnburner by Sharon Lee
The Big Ice by Sharon Lee
Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson
Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett
Girl Gone Nova by Pauline Baird Jones

From Borders

Beyond the Shadows by Jess Granger
The Archangel Project by C.S. Graham

Friday, May 28, 2010

May Book Ends (Other books I have enjoyed)

As several of my posts reflect, C.S. Harris has hooked me on the Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries. Since 5 books in the series have been published I have not had to wait for the next book. Sadly that is over. I just finished the fifth book, What Remains of Heaven. The next book, Where Shadows Dance, is scheduled for publication in March of 2011. I will have to wait for months for the next mystery and to find out what will happen next in the Sebastian’s personal life, There are so many secrets affecting so many of the characters and C.S. Harris reveals some and leaves the readers in suspense over others. I will be picking the next book up as soon as it comes out.

I like cats and cat stories so when I saw Catalyst by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough I knew I had to read it. Here is a book about cats in space. What could be better than a book with two of my favorite things; cats and science fiction. Catalyst is a cute story with very appealing cats and a good cast of human characters. It reads more like young adult fiction and I was surprised when I finished the book and found that I was left hanging. I will have to wait for the next book to get the rest of the story.

I love the Liaden books by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Sharon has written a contemporary mystery series and since I like her writing I purchased Barnburner, the first book in the series, from Fictionwise last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect since Barnburner is so different for other books Sharon has written. The book has an interesting plot, well-developed characters and plenty of suspense. I found Barnburner to be a very enjoyable story. During the time I was traveling in my RV I spent a summer in the Maine and knowing a little about the area added to my enjoyment. Oh, there is also a cat in the story.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Touched by An Alien by Gini Koch

Science Fiction Romance

Katherine “Kitty” Katt stepped out on the street just as a man transformed into a winged monster and started on a killing spree. Instead of running Kitty took out her Mont Blanc pen and stabbed him in the middle of a pulsing thing on his back killing him. Jeff Martini arrived on the scene, stated that he was from the “agency” and escorted Kitty to a waiting limo. That’s when she met a second set of aliens; all of them, Jeff included, drop dead good-looking men. Kitty did not know it at the time but she had just started a new life as member of the monster hunting team.

Kitty is a kick ass take charge heroine and Touched by An Alien is a fast paced adventure with non-stop action. In the middle of all the action romance between Kitty and Jeff develops. The story is well developed, the characters are fun and the writing is crisp. Touched by An Alien is a fun addition to Science Fiction Romance books.

DAW published Touched by An Alien by Gini Koch in 2010.

I purchased Touched by An Alien from Amazon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett


Agatha knows that she has nothing to commend her in the marriage mart but her cousin Hattie will not give up on finding Agatha a husband. Hattie has Agatha at another of the pointless balls when Agatha overhears some of the young girls calling Lord Leighton a monster because of the burns he suffered while trying to save his wife from a fire in their home. She takes them to task, storms from the room and runs into a large man loosing her glasses. Unable to see she rants about the unfeeling girls not knowing that the man she is talking to is Lord Leighton. Both feel a connection and several weeks later Lord Leighton makes an offer of marriage. Both feel they have nothing to offer to the other, their home fills with uninvited guests, and someone wants to punish Leighton by hurting Agatha. The marriage is off to a rough start.

Jo Barrett is one of my favorite Wild Rose Press authors. I have purchased and read most of her books. Nothing to Commend Her is her latest release and is a great addition to her books. The writing is crisp, the characters are well drawn, and story has a well-developed plot. The mix of humor, romance and danger makes for a book that you don’t want to put down. Pick this on up, you won’t be sorry.

Wild Rose Press published Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett in 2010.

I purchased Nothing to Commend Her from Fictionwise.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson

Western Romance

The Quinter Brides continue to face Ma and her shotgun. In Boot Hill Bride it is Hog (Howard Quinter) who faces a shotgun and a preacher when he wakes up in his tent with Randi, an uninvited roommate. Of course, Ma and two of his brothers arrive in time to find them waking up in the same bed. Ma has them married before they have a chance to explain what happened. Randi (Howard’s new bride) comes with some very large baggage. Her father is running for Governor on the Populist Party ticket and he is not a good man. Randi and Hog have some hurdles to overcome before they can find true happiness.

Lauri Robinson continues to write well crafted, entertaining stories filled with humor, danger, and romance. Howard is a wonderful character and Randi is a perfect match for him. Ma and the rest of the Quinters are there to offer a love filled family ready to accept new members. Boot Hill Bride is the third book in the Quinter Bride series. There are still two unmarried bothers. I am looking forward to reading how they get married. Will Ma and her shotgun strike again?

Wild Rose Press published Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson in 2010.

I purchased Boot Hill Bride from Fictionwise.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Mermaids Sing and Where Serpents Sleep by C. S. Harris


Regency Period + Mystery + Romance = Must Read

This series just keeps getting better. Sebastian St. Cyr’s family has secrets wrapped in secrets. Kat Boleyn has her own secrets. The reader knows the big secret that everyone in the St. Cyr family except Sebastian knows. Each book brings new things and new secrets to light.

In addition to the secrets Why Mermaids Sing and Where Serpents Sleep both involve complicated mysteries. In both books Sebastian is drawn into danger while trying to solve the puzzles.

I highly recommend this series. Once I started both books I could not put them down. I had two very late nights while I finished each book. The Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries are a fascinating and well developed series and each book leaves me wanting more.

Penguin Group published Why Mermaids Sing and Where Serpents Sleep by C. S. Harris.

I checked both books out of the Rogers Public Library.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hell Fire, A Corine Solomon Novel by Ann Aguirre


Hell Fire is Book 2 in the Corine Solomon series. Ann Aguirre continues to develop relationships and keeps up the suspense started in Blue Diablo.

Haunted by what happened to her mother, Corine has held Chance to his promise to come to Kilmer, Georgia to find answers. They find Kilmer a town frozen in the past and full of frightened people. Chance’s luck does not work. Kilmer does not show up on maps. People are disappearing. Corine’s arrival brings the old evil in the town out to finish what was started when her Mother died. When Jesse Saldana arrives Corine has the added problem of her attraction to two different men.

Hell Fire is fast paced and well written. The story is filled with interesting new characters including a new addition to the Corine, Chance and Jesse team. Be prepared for a page-turner.

ROC published Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre in 2010.

I purchased Hell Fire from Amazon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Destiny’s Star by Elizabeth Vaughn


Destiny’s Star is Bethal and Ezren Silvertongue’s story. When Ezren’s wild magic flares out of control Bethal takes both through a portal opened by Evelyn. They both fall from the sky onto the Plains. Here in this harsh and unforgiving land they must fight to survive, find a way to control Ezren’s wild magic before it kills him and return to their home in Palins. Add in the need to confront their feeling for each other and you have an entertaining story.

Destiny’s Star is a good addition to the world Elizabeth Vaughn has created in War Prize and White Star. You can read it as a stand-alone but it would be best to read the War Prize series, White Star and Dagger Star first.

Berkley Sensation published Destiny’s Star by Elizabeth Vaughn in 2010.

I purchased Destiny’s Star at Borders.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin


In Magic Lost, Trouble Found Raine Benares woke up and gained control of the Saghred an ancient stone that gives the user cataclysmic powers. Of course there is a catch. To power the Saghred you must feed it souls and as you use the power you lose your own soul.

In Armed and Magical Raine is trying to cut her connection to the Saghred and put it back to sleep. The Saghred and some of the souls trapped inside are working to keep her from succeeding. She has come to the Isle of Mid, the center of magic and home of the Conclave to get help. As soon as she arrives things start to heat up. Spell-singers are disappearing, and mages, goblins and elves are trying to get the power of the Saghred for themselves. Raine is trying to stay alive and keep the Saghred from the wrong hands. The power of the Saghred is growing and Raine does not know who to can trust.

Armed and Magical is a great mix of adventure, romance and magic. You will enjoy the book more if you read Magic Lost, Trouble Found first.

ACE published Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin in 2008.

I purchased Armed and Magical from Amazon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloody Right and Bloody Awful by Georgia Evans


The small English village of Brytewood is again the center of espionage (see my post on Bloody Good) during World War II. The German’s have dropped four vampires into the countryside around Brytewood never suspecting that there are Others living who will recognize the German threat. The Dragons, Pixies, Werefox, and Water Sprite will be joined by a few humans to put an end to the vampire’s plans.

Both books are bloody fun and bloody exciting. The books are light hearted, fast moving and filled with danger and romance. The reader also gets a peek at the sacrifices made by all the British civilians during the war.

Kensington Books published Bloody Awful and Bloody Right by Georgia Evans.

I purchased Bloody Right and Bloody Awful as eBooks from Barnes and Noble. Both are loaded on my Nook.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When Gods Die by C.S. Harris


Guinevere Anglessey, the Marchioness of Anglessey is found dead wearing a necklace that belonged to Sebastian St. Cyr’s mother. Rumor blames the Prince Regent who discovered her body. St. Cyr is asked to find the killer and his investigation uncovers some of his own family secrets.

When Gods Die, the second book, in this series builds on the foundation established in What Angels Fear. The characters continue to grow, more of the history of the period is used, the difference between the rich and the poor is spotlighted and the many side plots continues to develop. If you like a good historical mystery series this one is a must.

New American Library published When Gods Die by C. S. Harris in 2006.

I checked When Gods Die out from the Rogers Public Library.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander


A Fatal Waltz is the third book in the Lady Emily mystery series. The series is set in the late 19th century and the politics of the era are skillfully woven into the books.

Everything starts when Lady Emily is the guest of Lord Fortescue, an influential political figure with many powerful enemies. He objects very strongly to Colin and Emily getting married and is working hard at preventing the wedding. While Colin and Emily are there Lord Fortescue is murdered and Robert, the husband of Emily’s friend Ivy, is arrested and charged with the murder.

Robert asks Emily to help clear him of the charges. Emily must travel to Vienna in search of answers. There she becomes involved in the internal politics of the day meeting men who are both dangerous and violent. When Emily’s life is put in danger she has to flee back to England without finding the answers she needs to help Robert. While the murder does have ties to Vienna on returning to England Emily finds the answer in an unexpected place.

In addition, there are some interesting side stories going on. Emily’s butler Davis is still courting long distance, Emily has to deal with a past love of Colin’s, and Jeremy is lovelorn. All the side plots add richness to the story.

A Fatal Waltz has wonderful character development, an intense plot, good pacing, and an intriguing mystery. I continue to enjoy the series and am looking forward to reading the next book Tears of Pearl.

William Morrow published A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander in 2008.

I checked A Fatal Waltz out at the Rogers Public Library.