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Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 260 - Black Chamber by S.M. Stirling, An Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen

Black Chamber (Tales from the Black Chamber #1)Black Chamber by S.M. Stirling
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This started with a bang as Teddy Roosevelt became president a second time as WWI started but then bogged down as the story progressed. The Black Chamber is the spy agency and the main character is Luz O'Malley Aróstegui. She is ruthless and on a mission to discover what the German's have developed in secret. The secret is indeed deadly but in setting the scene and telling the back story the tension left the story in the middle but returned in the end. It will be interesting to see where Stirling will go with this series. This history is set up with the US in grave trouble and the German's close to winning. That makes the Black Chamber more important than ever.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

An Affair with a Spare (The Survivors, #3)An Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This has a nice twist. This survivor spent his time seducing secrets from the local women while his squad mates fought. Rafe is a great character. He is so charming that no one takes him seriously. Enter Collette Fortie, a French woman on a quest. Everything changes as Rafe first sees her as a job and then gets drawn into more danger than he ever faced during the war. This has great characters an interesting plot, a unexpected romance and a surprise ending. Another survivor finds his HEA but there are still more who need their story told.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 259 - Asimov's Science Fiction July/August 2018, The Jim Bean Memorial Award The First Decade

Asimov's Science Fiction July/August 2018Asimov's Science Fiction July/August 2018 by Kristine Kathlene Rusch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I purchase this when I see a story by an author I love. This one has a story by Kristine Kathryn Rusch about Coop one of the main characters in the Diving the Wreck universe. This really ties into what happened to Coop and his ship later in his career. I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the new Diving novel coming out in September. While this is the main reason I purchased the issue I enjoyed some of the other stories as well. I got this as a ebook and will not do that again, It is cheaper but is very hard to navigate.

The Jim Baen Memorial Award: The First DecadeThe Jim Baen Memorial Award: The First Decade by William Ledbetter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What better place to read great Science Fiction short stories than in a book filled with award winning authors and their stories. Each tells a complete story and each left me feeling very satisfied with the story and world they are set in. I enjoyed every one and look forward to the next book having a collection of award winning stories. A good book for fans of Science Fiction.

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Sons of Charlotte by AnnaMarie Cantrell, Dr. Matthew Chavis and Dana Lynn - Book Blast and Giveaway

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How many secrets can the Queen City conceal?

Charlotte, NC - 1966

After a head injury on the basketball court, Tony Malone, a firefighter, confides in his best friend and captain, Steve, about a strange dream he had while unconscious. It was as if he were living a different life. Steve brushes it off as related to his injury, but Tony begins to experience more phenomena with these new memories, unbeknownst to his wife, Lana. Tony struggles to live with his secret until a fire opens up a whole new world.

Charlotte, NC - 1996

Chuck Thomas began his ascent to greatness at a graphic design firm headed by Elizabeth Wheaton, the battle-ax of the Queen City corporate scene. A series of Chuck’s immoral decisions leaves the very powerful Wheaton with a raging vendetta. The playboy eventually meets Valerie Meyers, a shy girl with a complicated past, and the two marry. Their idyllic life is halted by a suspicious brush with death leaving Valerie once again picking up the pieces.

Two Souls, Too Many Questions

Literally torn between two worlds, Valerie must once again deal with the loss of her husband and come to terms with what happened to Chuck Thomas and who Tony Malone really was.

Read an Excerpt:

After a few sideways looks from the attendees, Dr. Paul suggested they walk to the parking garage together. They were so caught up in conversation that didn’t revolve around Chuck, the coma, or the medical world, an hour had quickly passed. Valerie leaned back onto the bumper of her Jeep and tilted her porcelain face up towards Dr. Paul. It felt as though the thick air were a magnet, drawing them inexplicably to each other in that moment. Before they knew it, the pair found themselves in the midst of a soft, sensual kiss. Pausing for a moment, they looked into each other’s eyes, unable to refrain from the tension that had been building for years. After a few passionate moments, Valerie willed herself to gently push him away. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. That can never happen again,” Valerie stuttered as she walked around the Jeep and reached for the handle. Dr. Paul stood frozen in his place, mesmerized by her every move. Without a word from the doctor or a second glance from Valerie, the blue Jeep sped out of the parking garage.

About the Authors: Along with being a successful writer and editor, AnnaMarie Cantrell is a self-made entrepreneur, starting her first consultation firm at the age of 18. She is Co-Founder and Vice President of Captive Ink Media, a literary consulting firm offering expertise to authors at all stages in their careers, and providing clients national exposure in media outlets such as The Chicago Times, Reader’s Digest, and Bustle. Her work with veterans was recently featured on the CW.

Dr. Matthew Chavis is an accomplished author and speaker. His works have been featured through a plethora of avenues. His inaugural book Old Highway 316 offers readers a glimpse into his life, as he loosely based this fiction novel on his testimony and was recently featured on the 700 Club. Many of his stories encompass the best aspects of romance, drama, paranormal and suspense/thrillers.

Through her own unique marketing plan, Dana Lynn transformed a self-published book into a serious work garnering national attention and bestseller status (under the pen name Katharine DeBrecht). She has appeared on every national cable news network numerous times and on over 500 radio shows across the country, repeatedly requested for additional appearances. As a self-syndicated writer, her opinion-editorials have appeared in major newspapers throughout the United States and across the globe.

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Lost Until You by Kimberly Daniels - Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway

Lost Until You
by Kimberly Daniels


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance



Camryn Singer never imagined that she would return to the place where she lost everything. To grant a dying wish, she and her young son make the move back to the small Jersey beach town where she grew up, hoping to somehow find the missing pieces of her life. Determined to keep her heart guarded, the last thing she needs is the force that is sexy surfer, Cole Stevens, literally slamming into her life.

Struggling against growing feelings for Cole, Camryn tries to focus on life with her son. But when Cole picks the lock to her heart, Camryn knows he might be the one to change everything. Just when Camryn thinks she's finally finding her happiness, a ghost from the past comes back to haunt her.

Camryn must now decide between letting Cole stand with her in the fight for her life, or staying lost in the pain of the past.



Grabbing a striped beach blanket hanging over the side of the lifeguard stand, he reaches for my hand to lead me away. As the houses that line the beach begin to disappear from sight, I have an idea about where we are going. When we reach the inlet, Cole boosts me up on the jetty and then leads me to an opening that is hidden behind the flat-top rocks that are exposed to the rough waters. He unfolds the blanket and spreads it over the damp sand between the rocks that hide us. The privacy of this spot makes me wonder how many teenagers sneak here for heavy make-out sessions.

As a small laugh escapes me, I tease, “So how many women have you brought here and had your way with?”

He guides me down and places me gently against the blanketed sand. “None at this point. But I’m hoping I can add one to my list by the end of the day.” 

His muscles bulge from his chest and arms as he holds his weight over me. I sweep his arms away, slamming his body into mine. He inches my dress up over my neck to expose my braless breasts and black lace panties. My desire for him is uncontainable. I want to prove he is mine only. 

“Cole, I need you inside of me. I want you to show me I’m the only one.” I moan as his bare chest grinds against my breasts. The erection beneath his boxers rubs against my core, making my body crave him.

He teases my mouth with his tongue as he travels down to my breasts, and grazes his teeth over my nipples. On top of my stomach, he circles around the edge of my belly button, causing my skin to tingle with every touch. As his head descends between my legs, I grab hold of his hair, knowing that where he is going I will need something to hang on to.

I wondered where Kimberly went for inspiration.  Here are her answers:

1.)   Any beach town outside of New Jersey
2.)   Small, Midwestern country towns
3.)   European cities like Paris and Rome
4.)   Mountain area, like Vail, Colorado or Vermont
5.)   Any island just to be able to feel the vibe

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the advice of her students to pursue her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop dreaming up new happily-ever-afters, she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with a new show or book addiction. She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs of Philadelphia, spending weekends at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.

Connect with Kimberly Daniels:



Kimberly Daniels will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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The King's Favorite by Tanya Anne Crosby - Book Blast and Giveaway

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Fearing her “gifts” will be used to defeat her sister Matilda, Elspeth escapes the Black Mountain priory that has sheltered them since their father's death, only to find herself indebted to, of all men, a Scotsman, whose loyalties are in question...

Read an Excerpt:


Whatever Malcom had expected, it wasn’t this. Elspeth was standing near the brazier, wearing a scandalously diaphanous chainse that left little to the imagination. The room was misty, perhaps from her bath, and the firelight played off the shadows in her gown, revealing the shadowed valley of her breast and the darkened hollow between her thighs. Her red-gold hair was still damp and braided into one full plait that fell over her shoulder so that the damp, feathery tip teased at her nipple. God help him, even as tired as he was, the sight of her hardened him fully.

“I was…”

“Waiting for me?” he said with a slow, unfurling smile, and now that they were home, preparing to spend their first night… alone… in their bed... he felt the rightness of this union down to his bones—and in one bone more than any other.

He crossed the room and took her into his arms, kissing her soundly. “You’re here,” she said, once their lips parted. “Tis no dream.”

“Nay, lass. But if it is,” he said, “would that I never awaken,” and he drew her slowly toward the bed, kissing her shoulder, letting his hands roam freely over the treasure of her body.

About the Author:
Tanya Anne Crosby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty novels. She has been featured in magazines, such as People, Romantic Times and Publisher's Weekly, and her books have been translated into eight languages. Her first novel was published in 1992 by Avon Books, where Tanya was hailed as "one of Avon's fastest rising stars." Her fourth book was chosen to launch the company's Avon Romantic Treasure imprint.

Known for stories charged with emotion and humor and filled with flawed characters Tanya is an award-winning author, journalist, and editor, and her novels have garnered reader praise and glowing critical reviews. She and her writer husband split their time between Charleston, SC, where she was raised, and northern Michigan, where the couple make their home.

Join Tanya on Facebook at http://Facebook/tanyaannecrosby or visit her Web site at

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 257 - Six Wakes by Our Lafferty

Six WakesSix Wakes by Mur Lafferty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a Science Fiction thriller that caught me from the first page when Maria's clone woke up looking at blood floating in the clone lab. It just keeps going from there as the tension ramps up and the danger increases. There are just 7 characters in the book, one is the AI and the other six are clones. As the story progresses the back story and world building comes into focus. There were enough red herrings to cause whip lash as the clues about each clone's past are revealed. The common thread comes out but not the result until the very end. This is a Hugo nominee and goes to the top of my vote for best novel of 2017.

First Mate's Accidental Wife (Gypsy Moth, #1)First Mate's Accidental Wife by Eve Langlais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This uses a interesting trope. The rescue is in danger of failing but if they marry all will work out. Michi is ready to be rescued and eager to marry. Damon on the other hand knows he does not want to be married. It was fun to watch the two interact. The dialog keeps the fun going. I listened to this as an audio book and through the narrator missed playing up the humor. I did enjoy seeing Michi and Damon and liked the hint about the next book that showed up at the end.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Curse of the Ancients by Hawk MacKinney - Book Blast and Giveaway

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As Craige Ingram climbed the stairs of the derelict building, that peculiar stench of a dead body hit him. It was the same smell no matter where—SpecOps SEAL encounter gone sour, or in a vacant, roach-infested apartment. Inside, his SEAL buddy-turned head of Buckingham Parish Homicide’s Investigative Support Division, Grayson MacGerald, was huddled with the coroner next to a swollen decaying corpse that was days old and hardly more than oozing dead meat. The PI inside Craige had a gut feeling that there was more to this than a dead body, and Craige’s Grannie always told him, “Trust your feelin’s.” But that was before Mihály Keaulescu set down two of his Black Falcon choppers on Craige’s Moccasin Hollow private airstrip in an uninvited stopover. It got worse. From his airstrip to Israel, to Turkey and a nightmare-dream of one-of-a-kind ancient artifacts that not only threatened the serene life Craige knew and loved at Moccasin Hollow, it would destroy the world.

Read an Excerpt:

Craige cinched his chinstrap tighter and in the distance, glimpsed a profile of what looked to be a Bell Textron’s 62X KW warrior carrying an ALQ 131 or a 144 or a modified 147A white-noise jammer in the crook of his arm. Craige pressed his goggles to the ground tighter. Ready as he could get for the back-blast inferno and flesh-boiling incandescence. The ground punched his belly. He felt more than heard the rumbling plasma-searing waves tearing the ground with seismic jolting thuds. The pressure waves jarred his eardrums.

Follow-up chopper runs unleashed a consuming churning hell along the steep walls and dry wadi. Low-altitude chopper sorties took over with end-of-the-world sunbursts sterilizing a morass of targets. Laser guided missiles pulverized crumpled ledges and overhangs into igneous mini-lahars. Bunker buster smart bombs whistled into caves smashing tunnel walls, roasting any bottom feeders hiding inside. Secondary strikes continued, napalm, thermite, and phosphorous blanketed the area. The smothering white-heat boiled in the solar-hot overkill incineration of containers of stored Marburg-Ebolapox, leaving a sterile landscape of glazed sand, gravel, vaporized odds-and-ends, and a few recognizable body parts. The fearful kill-beauty of magenta and mauve mushrooms and cherry-white red-orange acrid plumes left the eerie shimmering moonscape. Avram ordered re-targeting the whole valley, including the passageways that had been tunneled into. He was taking no chances.

Craige felt a sad lament as the gunships made their final runs, missiles and bombs slammed into the mountain. Undiscovered artifacts destroyed, the site possibly entombed beyond recovery. It wasn’t the worst of what might’ve been. If the virus had been loosed, there’d be damn few survivors.

About the Author:
With postgraduate degrees and faculty positions at several medical universities, Hawk MacKinney has taught graduate courses in both the United States and Jerusalem. In addition to his work in classrooms and laboratories, he has written numerous professional articles on chordate neuroembryology and authored several novels that reflect his southwest upbringing in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Moccasin Trace, a historical novel nominated for both the prestigious Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction and the Writers Notes Book Award, details the family bloodlines of his protagonist in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series. Hidden Vault of Secrets and Westobou Gold, Books 1 and 2 in the series, have received national and international attention. Hawk is also writing a science fiction series, The Cairns of Sainctuarie.


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Coopers Charm by Lori Foster - Review Tour and Giveaway

 Cooper's Charm
Lori Foster

One summer, two sisters and a chance to start over…

Before the burglary that shattered her confidence, Phoenix Rose had a fiancé, a successful store and a busy, happy existence. After months spent adrift, she takes a job at the lakeside resort of Cooper’s Charm. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly colleagues and a charismatic, widowed boss, Phoenix is slowly inching her way back into the world.

Visiting Cooper’s Charm to check up on her little sister, Ridley Rose impulsively agrees to fill in as housekeeper. Still reeling from an ego-bruising divorce, she finds satisfaction in a job well done—and in the attention of the resort’s handsome scuba instructor.

For Phoenix and Ridley, Cooper’s Charm is supposed to be merely temporary. But this detour may lead to the place they most need to be, where the future is as satisfying as it is surprising.


I loved the setting for Cooper's Charm. What better place to heal than a RV/Cabin resort. Seems the several characters are doing just that. Phoenix Rose and Ridley Rose are sisters who are fun to listen to and watch as they find something that has been missing from their lives. There is romance, drama and danger in this fun and interesting plot. The dialog keeps the story moving and the wide cast of characters adds to the fun. This is book one in Love at the Resort. Phoenix and Ridley found their HEA at Coopers's Charm and I saw plenty of interesting side characters needing the same. Great start to a new series.


LORI FOSTER is a New York TimesUSA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author with books from a variety of publishers, including Berkley/Jove, Kensington, St. Martin’s, and most recently Harlequin. Lori has been a recipient of the prestigious RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, and for Contemporary Romance. For more about Lori, visit her website at 
@LorilFoster                            lorilFoster                                     @lorifoster

Buy Links:

Publisher: Harlequin Books
On-sale date: July 31, 2018
ISBN: 978-1335017529
Format: Trade Paperback 
Price: $15.99

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Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 257 - Venom in the Veins by Jennifer Estep

Venom in the Veins (Elemental Assassin, #17)Venom in the Veins by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This takes Gin and friends into a difficult and dangerous situation. The past is coming back to haunt Gin and along the way her friends find themselves in great danger. There is unexpected help and a big surprise from Gin's past. I though this was one of the best Elemental Assassin books ever. It had a great conclusion and a set up for the next book in the series. Sometimes finding out about the past just leads to more trouble.

Destiny of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons #3)Destiny of Dragons by Jack Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kira and Jason are once again at the center of the action and danger. Some of that danger is from outside but some in from Kira as she tries to come to grips with having both mage and Mechanic. The action is non-stop and the tension builds as Kira tries to force Jason away to save him. This is a great ending to a fun series. While it seems that all major problems have been solved there is a opening for the two to have further adventures. I hope that I will join them in a new adventure and get to visit Dematr again. The voices in the audio book were very well done adding to the enjoyment of the series.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 256 - A Choice of Crowns by Barb Hendee, Reverse Abduction by Eve Langlais

A Choice of Crowns (Dark Glass #2)A Choice of Crowns by Barb Hendee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series. Once again someone has to decide between three different outcomes as shown to her by a witch trapped in a mirror. Olivia is the one to make the choice of how to respond to the plot to kill the princess. Depending on how she reacts Olivia can be Queen, she can be Chancellor, or she can be wife. Each look starts in the same place and how Olivia reacts set the stage for each look into a different future. Each has its drawbacks and I had not clue which one she would choose. I highly recommend A Choice of Crowns and Through a Dark Glass, book one in the Dark Glass series.  Each can be read as a stand alone.

Reverse Abduction (Alien Abduction #8)Reverse Abduction by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve Langlais can come up with some interesting and fun characters. This time it is the human male and Azteriya, a purple female, who wants to go out and fight and pillage. I loved the set up and how Azteriya came to first like and then love that human male. They had a fun romp with Azteriya getting her wish to fight and finally find her mate. Great set up for new stories in the Alien Abduction were also included in the plot and story line.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 255 - Breakaway by Michelle Diener, Wool by Hugh Howey

BreakawayBreakaway by Michelle Diener
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talk about twists and turns. Diener does a great job using the world building and back story to introduce the known and the unknown. This all started with the two novellas about the Verdant String giving some background for the story. Now we arrive at Felicitos--the tethered way station built by Sophie's father. It is full of surprises. Sophie and Leo are two interesting main characters. Both have a hint of mystery about them and when someone tries to kill Leo the two are drawn into a intense tension filled adventure. I loved Sophie. She is full of surprises. This is a very good start to the new Verdant String series.

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1)Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is both interesting and depressing. I started with the first story and decided I might not what to continue. Then read the second. It was interesting and I continued. Then it started to drag and I was skimming. Then interesting. Then skimming. I did find the concept different and was left at the end of the Omnibus wondering about what was going to happen next. Much was revealed and most of it was a surprise to the people in Silo 18. Wondered how they would react when they found out what was really going on. This was our Science Fiction Book Club book for June and we all had similar reactions.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 254 - Mira's Last Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold, The Cottages on Silver Beach by RaeAnne Thayne

Mira's Last Dance (Penric and Desdemona, #4)Mira's Last Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An intersting novella that follows the action in Penric’s Mission. Great for fans of the Penric and Desdemona series. It was fun to see what Mira could get up to if turned loose.

I received an ARC of the story.

The Cottages on Silver Beach (Haven Point, #8)The Cottages on Silver Beach by RaeAnne Thayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We are back at the inn that burned down in the first Haven Point book. It has been rebuilt and Megan Hamilton is managing it. Elliot Bailey is an unexpected guest. While we know the two will eventually have a HEA there are two things we do not know. What will Megan decide about the inn and what will Elliot decide about his career in the FBI. Both decisions are important in the story line and both add a bit of tension. There is also Luke, Megan's bother, whose wife disappeared 7 years ago. What will Megan and Elliot find when they try to discover what really happened. Great ending and great set up for the next book in the series.

I received a free copy of the book.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Nothing is Predictable by Adalina Mae - Blurb Blitz and Giveaway

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Adalina Mae will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Zara is eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead.

Her childhood memories leave her struggling with romantic attachments and hinder her from developing healthy relationships.

Seeking answers, She meets a monk for wisdom, and a gypsy for insight.

The journeys Adalina Mae takes us on are interspersed with heartbreaking moments as well as hilarious escapades.

This is life and nothing is predictable. The story keeps you on your toes and offers mysteries to solve.

Why does Zara have recurrent nightmares of her last night with her father?

Why does she struggle with love?

Read an Excerpt:

“Run sweetheart, hurry, run! We will hide in the neighbor’s storeroom, he can’t find us there,” Mom whispered as we ran for our lives away from home hoping Dad would not find us. We entered the storeroom beside our neighbor’s old cottage. It was dark and moldy and infested with rats. From a distance, we could hear him following us and approaching.

I cried silently with my eyes shut, fearful about what was going to happen. That dreadful monster is back, what damage is he going to cause tonight?

“Shhh, don’t cry, he won’t find us here, we’ll be okay darling, don’t worry,” Mom whispered as she held me tight to comfort me, yet I could see in her eyes she was not convinced.

“Where are you? You think you can hide from me! I’ll show you who the man of the house is! You’re taking my daughter away from me, I’ll show you woman!” Dad shouted, his voice approaching closer and closer.

He was so drunk he didn’t realize Mom was only running to safety. He thought she was taking me away from him. How on earth do you come to that conclusion? His footsteps stomped louder, as he walked toward the storeroom where we were hiding.

“Where are you? How dare you run away!” his voice projected from outside the room.

And then, BANG! The wooden door was flung open and it bounced off the wall.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed so loudly I can still hear the echo of my voice.

I was eight years old.

About the Author:
Adalina Mae is the author of the published novel Nothing Is Predictable and soon to be released Nothing Can Last Forever.

After leaving the corporate world of management, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to write.

She's also a lover of movies and hopes that her novels become a motion picture.

Adalina wrote Nothing Is Predictable to inspire optimism and positive thoughts, reminding us we are strong and can overcome life’s challenges. Particularly those who suffered childhood trauma like she has.

She is determined to spread the inspirational message of her story.

Her life's incidents have taught her that Nothing Is Predictable and Nothing Can Last Forever.

Book stores Link:
Amazon only link:
Book Trailer:

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 253 - Artificial Condition by Martha Wells, Lord of Secrets by Erica Ridley

Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)Artificial Condition by Martha Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I cannot get enough of Murderbot. Still wanting to know how and what he did when people died he is returning to the scene of the crime. Seems he cannot help himself on the way he is takes a job protecting some you people who have been robbed of their research. Of course they are in danger. He is mixed guarding them with finding his answers. His past action are part of a mystery as there is no mention of the place the deaths took place or that there were even deaths. This is a complete story wrapped up in just 95 pages. Now I am ready to see where Murderbot goes next and what he does when he gets there.

Lord of Secrets (Rogues to Riches, #5)Lord of Secrets by Erica Ridley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heath is know for protecting the secrets of the ton and now he want to reveal a secret. Who is the person drawing the caricatures. Eleanora Winfield is only helping out her family. When the two meet it is attraction for both but they know nothing can come of it. A nice outing with both characters yearning but looking like nothing can come of it. I liked both and was glad when Heath finally started thinking about his happiness instead of trying to be something he was not. Now if they can just get over Eleanora's art.

I received an ARC of the book.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 252 - Prisoner of the Crown by Jeffe Kennedy, Alien Mate by Eve Langlais

Prisoner of the Crown (The Chronicles of Dasnaria #1)Prisoner of the Crown by Jeffe Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Parts of this can be very disturbing as Kennedy sets the stage for the next books in the series. We see Jenna as a pampered Princess who has learned the meaning of fear and we follow her as she has to break free of her upbringing to save her life. It is hard to read everything that happens to her and know how unprepared she is to break free. Everything is set up for what will happen after Jenna breaks free and we see her on her way to a new life. The next books should be very interesting.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Alien Mate (Alien Mate, #1)Alien Mate by Eve Langlais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a cute start to a series with a familiar trope. Tor is from a planet with a shortage of women. This means they have to go outside to find mates. The Oracle tells him his mate is Diana, an Earth woman. Seems that Diana has a different idea and gives Tor a run for his money. Their problems continue after they mate as someone is out to get Tor and have Diana for his own. A nice mix of romance, sex, and danger. I loved how women's lib get worked into the story. I wonder if Diana changes things in future stories.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 251 - The Last Rodeo by Delores Fossen, The Darwin Variant by Kenneth C. Johnson

The Last Rodeo (A Wrangler's Creek Novel)The Last Rodeo by Delores Fossen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lucian Granger finally meets his match in more ways than one. Karlee O’Malley is part of that meeting his match. I really loved the interaction between the two even as I wanted to hit Lucian over the head to make him realize what his feeling meant. There is some mystery and some danger as the two work to get the family out of a very bad situation. Great story with a nice ending. Sometimes something you think you want for years turns out to be not that important.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

The Darwin VariantThe Darwin Variant by Kenneth C. Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There were times when I wondered where this was going. What starts out as a comet heading to Earth turns into a race to find a cure for a infection brought by the comet. The story line is very complex. The list of characters is very diverse and the story often changes points of view using all in the plot line. The world building and backstory are very well done. This is a tension filled story with danger at every corner. The solution and the person who finds it are both a surprise. More a thriller than just science fiction.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Beachboy Murder by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffend - Book Blast and Giveaway

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Just as travel agent turned reluctant sleuth Gabby LeClair is starting to gain some of the Aloha spirit, a business consortium from Chicago breezes into the Aloha Lagoon resort and offers to buy her business. The offer is tempting...but so is hot helicopter pilot Rick Dawson, making it a difficult decision. One that becomes even more complicated when a dead body is discovered in Gabby's backyard, and she's suddenly thrust in the middle of a murder investigation!

The dead man is a former beachboy attendant from the island. With a trail of broken hearts—not to mention jealous rivals—leading up to the beachboy, Gabby tries to uncover just who had it in for the late lothario. Is the female of the species really more deadly than the male? Or has the beachboy scorned one too many women for some other man's liking?

Read an Excerpt:

"Buy what?" Rick Dawson, the reason my heart fluttered on occasion, stood leaning against the wall by the door to Gabby's Island Adventures. He was dressed in his signature uniform—jeans, boat shoes, and the royal blue polo shirt with his logo hummingbird and Rick's Air Paradise embroidered above the pocket. He must have gotten some recent sun. His skin was golden, making his eyes shine like blue ice. He straightened away from the wall as we walked up, and slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me against him and kissing the top of my head. His scent, Old Spice and fresh island breeze, and the irresistible combination of his golden good looks and unmistakable virility definitely kept a girl on her toes but in a good way.

Inside the phone was ringing, and Lana went to answer it.

"Buy the travel agency. Lana was just asking me if I was really going to sell out to Janet's bosses."

While the shift wasn't overt enough for me to be sure, I thought I felt a hint of his pulling back a little. "And what did you tell her?"

"That it was all up in the air, that I didn't know if they'd even want the place."

"Why wouldn't they want it? Gabby's Island Adventures is aces. You're the tops, Toots." His tone was frank, matter-of-fact. "You've even made my business profitable since you took over my bookings."

"You're biased, Dawson. You do have a business interest here yourself."


I have always enjoyed the books that Gemma Halliday Publishing puts out and Beachboy Murder was no exception. There are interesting characters, many who have a reason to kill the victim. All of the action revolves around the people who want to buy Gabby LeClair's travel agency. Gabby is on the fence about selling but it was not hard to decide what she was going to do. There is a little romance of the sweet variety to go with the mystery. Also a little history of island is incorporated into the story. Gabby just cannot leave the mystery alone and ends up in a very dangerous situation. Look to see who the shoe fits for a solution.

About the Author:
The USA Today best-selling writing team of Sally J. Smith (right brain) and Jean Steffens (left brain) make up equal halves of one totally functional writer’s mind. Creative and intuitive and organized and systematic? What could be better than that?

The two desert dwellers work together side-by-side, literally finishing each other’s sentences, putting together their novels faster and more efficiently than they ever could individually.

When their heads aren’t together over a manuscript, you’ll find them with their families, at a movie, the mall, or out-to-lunch—in the food sense, not the spaced-out sense, well…most of the time. Their current series include Jordan Welsh Mysteries, Mystic Isle Mysteries, Danger Cove Pet Sitter Mysteries, Aloha Lagoon Gabby LeClair Mysteries, and Digby Sloan Mysteries.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

SHort and Sweet Book Reviews # 250 - Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart, A Study in Treason by Leonard Goldberg

Space Carrier Avalon (Castle Federation #1)Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Avalon is getting ready to start her last tour of duty, one that is just showing the flag on the border of Federation space. Sounds simple but as new crew arrives they find that things are not what they should be. From start to finish this military space opera keeps popping surprises. What should have been a simple cruise starts finding surprises at the first stop. I loved the action. Stewart gave this a different twist from other ministry science fiction stories. The story needed minimum world building and back story but what was needed was there. The characters are pretty standard with a nice mix of main and side ones, just what again are needed to keep the plot going. It was a hard book to put down. A very nice start to the Castle Federation series.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

A Study in Treason (The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery #2)A Study in Treason by Leonard Goldberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who else besides Joanna Blalock, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes, and of course Watson, both father and son could find the answer to this very baffling mystery. Goldberg really knows his Sherlock Holmes as throughout the story incidents keep coming back to his actions. That did add interest but also slowed the story down. Joanna is just as good as her father in finding clues. It was fun watching here in action. Some of the clues was a surprise but I did know about one character before Joanna. A good story for Sherlock Holmes fans.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Short and Sweet Audio Book Reviews # 249 - The Quantum Spy by David Ignatius, Blood of Dragons by Jack Campbell

The Quantum SpyThe Quantum Spy by David Ignatius
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After listening to this I came away not liking most of the characters. There was a lot of action featuring different spy agencies and interlocking characters. I left liking the opposition better than the home team with one exception. It does beg the question what is right and what in wrong when you are working in national security.

Blood of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons, #2)Blood of Dragons by Jack Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kira, daughter of Master Mechanic Mari and Master of Mages Alain, meets someone who just does not understand no. Once again Kira and Jason must work to escape before they are captured or killed. As the story follows Kira and Jason it also gives insight into what Mari and Alain are feeling as they have to let someone else deal with the danger to Kira. There is a lot of excitement and tension in the story. There is also the budding romance between Kira and Jason. One set of danger is resolved. What is left unresolved is what happens to Kira when she uses her Mage Skills. That will be resolved in the next book. MacLeod Andrews does a good job on the different voices in the story and puts just the right amount of feeling and tension where needed.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Bark Twice for Danger by M.K. Scott - Book Blast and Giveaway

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Comic Con is in full-swing and all is well. But no sooner does the biggest event of the year begin before a mysterious wave of identify thefts overshadows the grand affair.

While Nala tries to rein in Karly’s efforts to use the con for dating purposes, she also finds herself the target of a brazen thief. If she and her crime-solving canine companion don’t find the culprit, her bank accounts could be wiped cleaned.

Can Nala and Max bring an end to the chaos before it’s too late?

Read an Excerpt:

There are upswings in the private eye business. The winter holidays were one of them. Ironically, Nala experienced another surge in February near or even after Valentine’s Day. Instead of potential Romeos and Juliets checking out online dates, verifying everything he or she professed was real, it swung to finding the missing love interest. For reasons too numerous for Nala to count, the holiday celebrated by florists and confectioneries made perfectly appropriate love interests vanish like the morning fog in strong sunlight.

Her lips twisted as she considered the term appropriate love interest. If the person was a stand-up kind of girl or guy, they wouldn’t disappear due to a sentimental holiday. It wasn’t like she was an expert on the matter, but she assumed it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Her phone rang.

Spring break allowed her a solid ten days she could vote herself entirely to her investigative work. Now, all she needed was business. Maybe the call could be just that.

Max, her rescue German shepherd mix, who had been enjoying a snooze in the late afternoon sun, opened his eyes. The phone rang a second time, forcing him to push up into a sitting position. He fixed her with an indignant stare. “Aren’t you going to answer that?”

She held up her hand. “On the third ring, I don’t want to appear anxious or that we have no business.”

He gave a snort as his front legs slid out, allowing him to resume his prone position. His eyes remained open and one ear went up.

“Nala Bonne. Private investigator. Discreet is our first, middle, and last name.”


Nala has a new client. Seems that there is an identity thief in town giving Nala a new client. Of course Max steals the show and keeps Nala safe. This is book three and there are questions that have not been answered but hints are being dropped. Turns out there is more than on identity thief and Nala is both victim and detective. A fun romp through Comic Con as Nala and Max both have different roles to play. There is a meaning to the title and it shows up at the end of the book. 

About the Author:
M. K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries and The Talking Dog Detective Agency. Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and various other felonious activities. The Internet and experts in the field provide forensic information, while the recipes and B and B details require a more hands-on approach. Morgan’s daughter, who manages a hotel, provides guest horror stories to fuel the plot lines. The couple’s dog, Chance, is the inspiration behind Jasper, Donna’s dog. Overall, both are a fun series to create and read.


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