Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Short and Sweet book reviews #19 (Winged Victory by L.F. Hampton, Split the Sun by Tessa Elwood, Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krantz)

Science Fiction Romance

The plot of Winged Victory is fairly predictable but Hampton puts some twists in that kept it interesting.  I loved the take on vampires.  Who would have thought they looked like beautiful winged angels.  When Traveen and Abby crash on a ice world Traveen makes a decision that changes everything.  There is a lot of tension and danger for both Abby and Traveen before they get to their HEA.  This is book one of a new series but some of the characters seemed to have a back-story from a previous series that would also be fun to read.

Science Fiction/YA Science Fiction
Kit has enough going to take down anyone. When she decides to end it all someone stops her.  From there she had a very confusing set of events that lead to a great conclusion.  Kit even seems to get a happy ending.  This is YA but I think anyone who likes a complex story line and great characters will love the book.  This is part of a series but works very well as a stand alone.

Secret SistersSecret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krantz

Romantic Suspense

Secret Sisters is Jayne Ann Krantz at her best.  There is a lot of tension, a great back-story, and an intricate plot.  It is very hard to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad.  Turns out there are a lot of bad guys.  Each has their own unique agenda and Madeline, Daphne, Jack Rayner and his bother Abe are all busy trying to sort them out.  A great story that is very hard to put down.  I did not know exactly who was doing what until the end.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #18 (Casimir Bridge by Darren Beyer, The Kasari Nexus by Richard Phillips, Evolution's End by C.J. Daniels)

Science Fiction

Casimir Bridge is an interstellar who done it.  It starts with danger and ramps up from there.  Mandisa Nkosi is a reporter who thinks that she has a great story only to have it bumped off the air.  What follows is a bigger story that leads her into the world of corporate intrigue and out of the solar system.  With the help of Grae Raymus and other great characters an interesting back story along with great world building keeps the story moving.  There is a lot of action left for the next books in the series so read Casimire Bridge and then watch for the next book in the series.

Science Fiction

The Kasari Nexus is a complex story with interesting characters, back story, world building and plot.  This is alien invasion on steroids.  Look for non-stop action with a large cast of characters.  Phillips has built a great platform for the Rho Agenda Assimilation series.

Science Fiction

Evolution’s End is alien invasion with a twist.  It seems that one family made a deal many years ago and it is just coming home to 
roost.  Admiral Nicholas Dante has been collecting information for years and when he is killed his three children take up the battle.  Look for a lot of history and back story as you read.  It is very well done but it does slow the story down.  This is book one in a new series.  It does come to a conclusion but there are loose ends.  It will be interesting to see where Daniels takes the series next.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #17 Vicki Peterwald Rebel by Mike Shepherd, Only Beloved by Mary Balogh, Murder in Morningside Heights by Victoria Thompson

Vicki Peterwald: Rebel by Mike Shepherd

Rebel by Mike Shepherd
Science Fiction/Space Opera

In the latest Vicki Peterwald spin off from the Kris Longknife series we see Vicki gathering support against the coming battle with her stepmother.  There is a lot of action and a really good supporting cast most of which survived this time.  A fun space opera series with an ending that lets fans know that there will be more to come.

Historical Romance

Only Beloved by Mary Balogh
George, The Duke of Stanbrook as been an important side character in the Survivors series.  Now he is the only one who has not found love and an HEA.  As he watches the last survivor marry his thoughts turn to one person.  That starts a series of events that lead to both love and danger.   George has been keeping secrets about his late wife and son.  Those secrets bring danger to Dora, George’s new wife.  I really like how Balogh weaves the required sex into the story.  She writes only a few pages but they are more powerful than the page after page after page in must books today.

This is one of my favorites in the series.

Historical Mystery

Murder in Morningside Heights by Victoria Thompson
Frank and Sarah are back from Europe and settling into life as a married couple.  Both are just a little bored so when Abigail Northrup parents hire Frank to look into their daughters murder both are ready to take on the investigation.  There were a lot of red herrings in the case but this was one time that I knew who the killer was long before Frank and Sarah.  I missed the tension between Frank and Sarah that was there before their marriage.  I also missed seeing more of the important side characters.  A good mystery but not the best in the series.  Still I will be on the pre-order list when the next book makes its appearance. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #16 (Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti, The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak

Paranormal Romance

Wicked Burn (Realm Enforcers, #3)
While this is part of a series it can stand alone.  Simone and Nikolaj should not be together but with Simone in danger Nikolaj jis the one to come to her recue.  Look for lots a sexual tension, sex and danger as the two fight to keep a war from breaking out.  This is a fun book with great world building, back-story and plot.  As an extra there is a new Dark Protectors novella with Talen as the main character.

Contemporary Romance

The Secrets She Kept (Fairham Island, #2)
This is book two in a series and you really need to read book one , The Secret Sister, to be in the know.  Josephine Lazarow was not that great a Mother but now that she is dead each of her children have to come together and find out if she really committed suicide.  After book one I knew that there were a lot of secrets.  As the title states she kept more than anyone knew and they are all coming out now that she is dead.  Very well written with a great plot, wonderful characters, and enough tension to keep you reading far into the night.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #15 Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt, Colton Cowboy Hideout by Carla Cassidy, Cowboy After Dark by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Historical Romance

Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane, #10)The Maiden Lane series is filled with great characters and I never miss a book.  The Duke of Sin does have great characters and a lot of tension but I just did not like Valentine Napier.  Bridget was not one of my favorite characters either.  Valentine’s one redeeming feature has been his protection of the sister so I was interested in hearing his story and it did explain his behavior.  Even so by the end of the book I still did not like him.  Fans of the series will want to read Duke of Sin.  While it can stand alone I would not start the series here.  After reading this book I am not sure you would be a fan.

Contemporary Western Romance

Colton Cowboy HideoutIt was nice to see Josie Colton make another appearance in the Coltons of Texas series.  This time she is trying to find something that her father burried years ago.  What should have been a one day thing turns into days as the owner of Colton Valley Ranch disappears and someone tries to kill Josie.    Josie really has not plan for her life out of hiding until she meets Tanner Grange and his adorable daughters.  I loved both Tanner and Josie.  They are perfect as the two main characters that find a HEA.  A good addition to the series with some great hooks for future stories.

Contemporary Western Romance

Cowboy After DarkWe have a new graduate from Thunder Mountain and of course when he comes back to visit he meets woman who is perfect for him.  Liam and Hope strike sparks immediately but all is not well between them.  She does not want anything but a one week fling.  Getting her to change her mind is a huge job.  This series has a lot of sex and sometimes not that much character interaction outside the bedroom.  I like the fact that the two main characters had more interaction that did not involve sex.  A fun story with two interesting main characters and a nice visit with characters from the previous books.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #14 (Into the Whirlwind, Like a Boss, Daughters of the Bride)

Contemporary Romance

We last saw Megan and Dirk at the end of Book One in the Boss series.  What had started as a wonderful romance ended when Megan told Dirk he just was not what she needed for her young son.  Now her son has been kidnapped and Megan needs Dirk to rescue him.  Will this be the start of a new romance.  Maybe or maybe not.  Read Into the Whirlwind and find out.  A really good story line with lots of tension.  A perfect second book with a set up for Luke’s story in the next book.

Science Fiction

I loved the twists and turns in Windswept, Book One in the series.  Once again Padma Mehta is in trouble.  It all starts with the rum distillery and moves on from there. Like a Boss has some additional back story and world building along with a almost new cast of characters.  There is a lot of trouble in the wind and Padma is the only one who can find the cause and a solution.  Great follow up to Windswept.  There is the same tension, plot surprise and humor that is a hallmark of the series.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Daughters of the BrideDaughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery

Contemporary Romance

Three daughters, one Mother and one wedding make for a fun story.  Courtney, Sienna and Rachel are the daughters.  Each has their own personality and their own problems.  Mother on the other hand just wants a really nice wedding.  Look for a lot of emotion, tension and romance in a story that is very hard to put down.  This is a stand-alone.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #12

I am home now.  This is a post I wrote on the ship.  I never found a time or place to upload it.  I do find that I like doing  the short and sweet reviews so I plan to continue the format for a while.  I means that I will do fewer posts.  There will be links and covers now that I am connected to my high speed internet.

Riverbend Road by RaeAnne Thayen– Two people who grew up together are attracted but have never acted on the attraction.  It is fun to watch how they work together and how one act changes everything  A nice addition to the series.

Outriders (Outriders #1) by Jay Posey – A enjoyable space opera with lots of action.  The plot, world building and back story are all very well done.  The characters are interesting. Look for more action than character building but there is enough for this type of story.

Open Skies by Yolande Kleinn – A different ending from what you might expect. The story starts as an action adventure.  The two main characters have been partners for quite some time.  Something happens to change the dynamic between the two and the story takes a new turn.  A very fun read with an interesting conclusion.