Friday, April 19, 2013

Ghost Spin by Chris Moriarty

Science Fiction

I am on the Round the World Cruise and have limited Internet.   I am using this time to catch up on my TBR pile on my ereaders.  My posts are short with no links or graphics.  Check my travel blog to see where I have been and where I am going.

Ghost Spin is a strange story with a strange story line.  It is Science Fiction.  It is set in the far future when an artificial intelligence named Cohen kills himself.  This is unexpected.  AI's don't kill themselves.  

I kept reading this even though it was confusing at times.  There are parts or Ghosts of Cohen that appear in the story.  There is Cohen's wife Catherine.  In her quest to find out if Cohen really did commit suicide she ends up sending copies of herself across the galaxy.  As a result we have Caitlyn and Catherine, the same character but not the same.

Parts of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland are woven into the story and provide clues to what is happening.  Ghost Spin is a well written and well thought out story filled with interesting characters.   Don't expect it to be a quick read and don't expect all the loose ends to be tied up.  At time it can be confusing as it moves from the present to the past and back.  Don't quit.  Do expect a interesting and challenging read.

Spectra Trade published Ghost Spin by Chris Moriarty in 2013.

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