Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Counterfeit Betrothal/The Notorious Rake by Mary Balogh

A Counterfeit Betrothal/The Notorious RakeHistorical Romance
From Goodreads:
"New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh presents two of her classic Regency-era romances—seductive tales of ladies who are running away from love . . . and rogues who enjoy the chase.

Lady Sophia Bryant has no intention of marrying anytime soon. Her one desire is to reunite her parents, who have been estranged for fourteen years. Surely, if she happens to announce her betrothal—even a false one—they will be forced to see each other. Devilishly handsome Lord Francis Sutton seems perfect for such deceit, always agreeable to games of passion in which he has nothing to lose. The trap is set—if only Lady Sophia can keep her foolish heart from falling prey to her brilliant snares.

Lord Edmund Waite is everything that Lady Mary Gregg despises: lewd, lascivious, mocking—the most incorrigible and successful rogue around. A bluestocking like her would never tempt a man whose taste runs to pretty playthings—so Mary is startled to find herself the object of Lord Edmund’s desires. Even more surprising is her reaction to his shocking advances. She may be a lady, but this man knows so well how to make her feel like a woman."
A Counterfeit Betrothal and The Notorious Rake by Mary Balogh are a two in one release.  Both are re-releases of book that were out of print.  I liked both stories .  The Notorious Rake follows a familiar pattern but A Counterfeit Betrothal is a little different from other historical romances.
There are two story lines in The Counterfeit Betrothal.  Lady Sophia and Lord Francis are the two main characters in one line and Olivia and Marcus, Lady Sophia’s parents, are the main characters in the second line.  I enjoyed the dual nature of the story.   All along I felt Lord Francis was playing a different game from the one Lady Sophia was playing.  I was right.  Trying to get Olivia and Marcus back together seemed an impossible task.  It took a lot of time and effort to bring them together.  I liked following both story lines.  It made the story more interesting.  I look forward to seeing the re-release of more Mary Balogh’s books in the future.
Dell published A Counterfeit Betrothal and The NotoriousRake by Mary Balogh in 2013.

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