Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mission Improbable (Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures Series #1) by J.J. Green

Light Hearted Science Fiction

From Goodreads:

In the deepest reaches of the galaxy there are places and beings that aren’t impossible, just very, very improbable.

Carrie Hatchett is a low-achieving daydreamer, and the last person on Earth who should be resolving disputes for the Transgalactic Council. After providing a good home for her butt-ugly dog and psychotic cat, her biggest challenge in life is to avoid being fired, again.

But a strange green mist sucks her beneath her kitchen sink, and an unusual clerical error leads to an offer she foolishly doesn’t refuse.

In settling a conflict between the mechanical placktoids and the mysterious oootoon, Carrie reveals a threat to the entire galaxy.

Mission Improbable is Book One in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series.

Carrie Hatchett is a fun main character.  She runs a ad in a dating site that reads like a ad to work for the Transgalactic Council.  She is one of those people who just seem to drift through life.  When she get sent on a real life mission to solve the problem between two very different species all kind of things happen.

In spite of her lack of background she manages to see things that the other characters do not.  It is fun to watch what seems to be done wrong turn out to be just what is needed.  In this adventure she has three very different supporting characters who she plays off of very well.

Mission Improbable is just that.  Carrie should never succeed.  This is a short easy to read story that is filled with improbable circumstances.  In the end all works out and Carrie is left wondering if she wants to take another mission.  Of course we know she will as this is adventure #1 for her.

I am looking forward to her next mission and how she manages to turn to tables and see what others do not.

Infinite Book published Mission Improbable by J.J. Green in 2015.

I received an ARC of Mission Improbable from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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