Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Short and Sweet Reviews -#1

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Beyond the Red by  Ava Jay- The world building and character development in Beyond the Red is first rate.  This is a world full of complex technology in a political situation that looks like a step back into the middle ages.  The two main characters are drawn from two very different groups.  Koras a Sepharon, a race native to the planet and the Eros is a mixed blood; part human, part Sepharon.  Together they must face danger, tension and forbidden romance.  Kora and Eros are at the start of change in their world.  Their story does not end with this book.  The world building, back story and characters are all in place for the next book in the series.

Hard Rain by B.J. Daniels – This time it is Harper Hamilton and Bodie McTavish who have to work hard for their HEA.  As they do we get to know more about the Hamilton family back story.   That back story includes scenes from Sarah Hamilton’s past.  Sarah is still a mystery.  What is her past?  Is she good for the Hamilton family or is she a danger?  We will have to wait for the next book in the Hamilton Family series to find out.

While the book can stand alone it is much better if you have read the previous books in the series.

Graveyard by William Dietz – Graveyard, book three in the Mutant Files Series, is another wild ride.  The Bonecrusher is still around, the war between Mutants and Normals is still on going, there are local political problems causing more tension for our characters and for starters there is an illegal medical lab to be tracked and shut down.  Added to all of that on Lee’s plate, Kane is being held for murder.  The Mutant Files are a great mix of apocalyptic, science fiction, and police procedural with a little romance thrown in for spice.  Each book can stand alone but like most series they are more fun if read in order.

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