Sunday, September 6, 2009

Necropath: A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown

Science Fiction


I stayed confused for the first part of this book because the cover shows Bengal Station located in space. The blurb on the back clearly states that Bengal Station is a spaceport located in the middle of the Indian Ocean but I did not read that before I started the book. The description of the station was not matching the cover location and it took me awhile to sort out what was wrong.

At Bengal Station ships arrive out of the void, dock and have to be checked for refugees from other worlds. That job falls to telepaths like Jeff Vaughan. When Vaughan’s supervisor pulls him away from some of the ships he starts to wonder if something dangerous is arriving. He becomes suspicious of a new religion worshiping an alien god and thinks that it is connected to the unchecked ships. His investigation takes him to a remote colony world where an attempt is made on his life. Then the investigation leads back to Bengal Station where the final confrontation takes place. During all of this Vaughn is fighting the problems caused by the constant barrage of thoughts that invade his mind and the drug he uses to make life bearable as a telepath. Necropath has danger, unusual characters, a great plot and a new take on telepaths.

Necropath is an exciting start to a new three book series by Eric Brown. Xenopath the second book in the series is available now and Cosmopath the third book is coming out in December of 2009.

Solaris published Necropath by Eric Brown in 2008.

Necropath is available from Amazon.

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