Thursday, September 17, 2009

Xenopath, A Bengal Station Novel by Eric Brown

Science Fiction

Warning: This contains a spoiler for Necropath, the first novel in the Bengal Station series.

Xenopath by Eric Brown is the second novel featuring Jeff Vaughn. In Necropath Jeff was a cynical and disillusioned telepath barely able to stand the burden caused by his telepathic implant. In spite of everything he succeeded in destroying a malevolent alien and in the process had the implant ripped out.

Xenopath finds Jeff two years later. He is a very different person. No longer a telepath he is married, expecting a child and happy. An unexpected job offer finds Jeff again dealing with an alien entity. This time his job is to help not destroy the alien. As a result Xenopath does not have the dark edgy tone that characterized Necropath. Xenopath is a hard to put down page-turner. There are characters from the first novel as well as some interesting new additions. The change in Jeff Vaughn makes him more likable and part of the tension comes from wanting things to go well in his new life. Even through events are threating his new life he does not back down from doing what is right. Eric Brown weaves all of these factors into a great story. If you like a well written engaging Science Fiction mystery pick up Xenopath.

Solaris published Xenopath by Eric Brown in 2009. Xenopath is available from Amazon.

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