Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh


I picked up A Christmas Promise at WalMart yesterday. This is a reissue of a Mary Balogh book first published in 1992. I sat down and read the book in a couple of hours. If you are a Mary Balogh fan you will see similarities to other Mary Balogh stories. In fact when I read the premise I wondered if I had read the book before and as I read I saw elements from several of Mary’s short works in A Christmas Promise. Like me Mary Balogh fans will enjoy A Christmas Promise while for new readers it is a good introduction to this prolific writer.

Eleanor Transome is the daughter of a wealthy coal merchant. Randolph Pierce is the Earl of Falloden. Randolph is deeply in debt after inheriting from his spendthrift cousin. Eleanor’s father is dying and his dying wish is to see his daughter married to someone with a title. If Randolph marries Eleanor her father will leave him half of his money and pay off all of his debt. Eleanor agrees only to honor her Father’s last wishes and Randolph agrees to clear his debt. Both Eleanor and Randolph have requests they must honor as part of the marriage agreement.
Randolph thinks Eleanor is a social climber and Eleanor thinks Randolph is one who gambled away his money. The marriage is off to a rocky start. Will Eleanor's Father's dream that the promise of Christmas will bring these two together in the kind of marriage both want work out?

Dell published A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh in 2010.

I purchased A Christmas Promise from WalMart.

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