Sunday, October 24, 2010



It is always disappointing when a good place to buy books disappears or changes. That is what has happened since Barnes and Noble purchased Fictionwise. Many of the ebooks Fictionwise offered were in direct competition with Barnes and Noble’s ebooks. On many ebooks Fictionwise’s prices were better and most ebooks were offered in a larger variety of formats. Every week Fictionwise offered four or five of the new releases with a 100% micropay rebate and other new ebooks had smaller micropay rebates that could be used for future purchases. All micropay has disappeared. The new ebooks of many of my favorite authors no longer appear on Fictionwise. The selection on Fictionwise is not as good as before the purchase.

I am sure these steps were taken to drive business to the Barnes and Noble ebook site. In my case the actions have had the opposite effect. I buy fewer ebooks and I no longer buy paper copies from Barnes and Noble. I wonder how many other people reacted the same. Sometimes people do not react as corporations think they will.

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