Sunday, November 4, 2018

Books for Review November, 2018

Netgalley Books For November 2018

The Soldier by Neal Asher 11/20
City of Secrets by Victoria Thompson 11/13
The Razor by J. Barton Mitchell 11/27
Respect for Christmas by Grace Burrowes 11/20
Wait Until Dark by Kat Martin 11/1
I’ll Always Love You by Ella Quinn 11/27
My One and Only Duke by Grace Burrowes 11/6
Daisy’s Run by Scott Baron 11/15 The Good, the Bad and the Duke by Janna MacGregor 11/27
Terran Tomorrow by Nancy Kress 11/13
A Choice of Secrets by Barb Hendee 11/13
Wrangler’s Rescue by B.J. Daniels 11/20
Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh 11/27

Hell Divers IV:Wolver by Nicholas Sansbury Smith 11/6
Diamon Fire by Ilona Andrews 11/06
Burn by James Patrick Kelly 11/1

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