Friday, April 24, 2009

Close Encounters (An Alien Affairs Novel) by Katherine Allred

Science Fiction Romance

Close Encounters is Katherine Allred’s first science fiction romance. She had been writing contemporary romances for 10 years when she decided to combine her love of science fiction with her love of romance.

Close Encounters
gets the Alien Affairs series off to a great start. Close Encounters has good world building, a suspenseful plot and good characterization. The story is told in the first person by Kiera a Genetically Engineered Person and an agent for Alien Affairs. Kiera has been sent to Orpheus Two. Her job is to protect the Buri from the powerful Dynatec Corporation. Filled with action, suspense and romance the story grabbed me from the first page.

In addition, Katherine did a good job in creating supporting species. I especially loved Crigo, Kiera’s rock cat. Kiera’s description of their relationship is a classic for any of us who love cats. She says “I promise not to compromise his dignity by petting him, he promises not to rip my arm off at the elbow. In return for the food he consumes ….he keeps me humble by following me around, making derogatory feline comments about everything I do and turning his back when I talk to him. “

I am always looking for new science fiction romance authors. I liked Close Encounters and am looking forward to her next book in the Alien Affairs series.

Eros ( published Close Encounters by Katherine Allred ( in 2009.


  1. Hi JC,

    Glad you enjoyed Close Encounters. Since you liked Crigo, thought I'd share that he was modeled after my own cat, Fuzz. Everything he did in the book, she's done in real life. Is it any wonder we call her the demon cat?

  2. I knew you had to be a cat lover. Thanks for telling me about Fuzz. Looking forward to your next book.

  3. What happened to Crigo? Rock kittens in the future? Loved it, not to pressure you but write scifi again--please.


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