Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hope’s Folly by Linnea Sinclair

Science Fiction Romance

Hope’s Follyby Linnea Sinclair ( is the third book in the Dock Five Universe. The first two are Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark. I think it adds to the story if you have read the first two, but Hope’s Folly stands on it’s own.

Philip Guthrie was a supporting character in both Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark. Linnea in one of her post’s said that Philip visited her office one day and said that he wanted his own story. Hope’s Folly is the result.

Admiral Philip Guthrie is a changed character in Hope’s Folly. Taking on a leading role in the rebellion against Imperial forces he is aware of his past mistakes and hoping to make amends for some of his decisions. His first job is to get aboard and move Hope’s Folly to the rebel shipyards for re-fitting. At Kirro Station Philip and some of his new crew are attacked trying to board the shuttle taking them to Hope’s Folly. Rya Bennton a former ImSec officer (polite, professional and prepared to kill) is among those joining his crew and helps Philip defend everyone as they board the shuttle. Nothing goes smoothly; there is a traitor in the crew, the ship has problems and two different groups are trying to keep them from arriving at the shipyard for repairs. In addition, there is an immediate attraction between Philip’s and Rya. Rya has had a crush on Philip since she was a child but does not think he could be interested in her. Philip fights the attraction because Rya is the daughter of an old friend and 15 years his junior. Their attraction adds tension to the story. Just a comment on my part. This is a very different Philip. He frequently calls himself a “galactic sized ass” for some of the things that take place between he and Rya. He would not even have thought that in the first two books.

In Hope’s Folly Linnea Sinclair has written another excellent story blending romance and science fiction. Like all of Linnea’s books the story has a fast pace, a great plot, well-written characters, humor, and gripping action. Hope's Folly joins other Linnea Sinclair books on my favorite's shelf.

Bantam ( Hope’s Folly by Linnea Sinclair in 2009.

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