Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Touched by Fire by Catherine Spangler

Paranormal Romance*

In Touched by Fire, Marla has avoided men since she and her sister were attacked and her sister raped. During a chance meeting between she and Luke Paxton in a bar the mutual attraction they feel is a complete surprise to Marla. Luke knows the attraction is because Marla is his physic match. He is a Sentinel with special powers and he needs Marla to help him concentrate those powers to fight a great evil. Luke’s problem is to convince Marla that they must work as a team to succeed.. Catherin Spangler has used the story of Atlantis in this series about Protectors, Lovers, Sentinels. Luke and Marla are well-developed characters and their story contains great drama, a touch of humor, and a tender romance. In addition, the villain is truly evil, the supporting characters are fleshed out, and the Texas setting is realistic.

Although Touched by Fire is the second book in the series I read it first. I did not have any problem reading the series out of order.

Berkley Sensation published Touched by Fire by Catherine Spangler in 2007. Touched by Darkness, the first book in the series was also published in 2007. Touched by Light, the third book just came out this month. There was a great teaser preview in the back of Touched by Fire and I have been waiting for two years for Touched by Light to be published. I have it on order from Amazon.

Catherine Spangler also wrote the Shielder Series.

* I recommended Touched by Fire because a new book in the series has been released. After writing the recommendation I found that both Touched by Fire and Touched by Darkness have been out of print since March, 2009. If you want to read the first two book check out used copies.

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