Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson


One of my sons recommended Brandon Sanderson as an author I would enjoy reading. I found Warbreaker at the library and it is the first novel I have read by Sanderson. It will not be the last. This book was originally written and published for free on the web. When I checked the web site it looked like it was still available to read for free.

Warbreaker is set in a fascinating new world where BioChromatic magic comes from breath and uses colors for magic. Both Awakeners and the Returned need breath and can only get it from one person at a time. The person must give up breath voluntarily. When they give up their breath they become a drab and can no longer see color. War is coming in Warbreaker and two sisters, princesses, are trying to prevent the conflict from starting. The book follows both sisters along with various other characters living in different parts of the capital city. The building conflict brings them all together in the end. The story is gripping and full of surprises. The writing is great and the world is too complex for just one story. I hope there will be future novels set in the Warbreaker universe.

TOR published Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson in 2009.

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