Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flawless by Kimber Chin


I loved Invisible and recommended it in a previous post. When Kimber sent me a free copy of Flawless I downloaded and started reading. Just like in Invisible once I started I could not stop. It was a late night for me as I read until I finished. Now I have to go back and read again just to savor the story.

If you have read Invisible you will remember Tavos. He is a good man who has done really bad things for very good reasons. Because of his past he feels that no one could possible love him. Nor does he feel that he deserves to be loved. Grace thinks she is to blame for really bad acts that her father has committed. She thinks that her action caused her Mother's death. Her sociopath Father is being released from prison and she knows that he will kill her. Grace thinks that she deserves to die. When a friend (be sure to read Invisible) arranges for Grace and Tavos to meet the fun begins. He tries to protect her. She tries to love him. She is willing to die and he is determined to save her. No matter what Tavos says or does Grace manages to put a different spin on it.

Flawless is another fun book from Kimber Chin. Tavos and Grace are wonderful characters. Both are wounded making them just right for each other. Flawless is filled with action, tension and romance. Kimber has the ability to wrap all of that up and include a lot of humor.

Champagne Books published Flawless by Kimber Chin in 2010. Flawless is available as an eBook.

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