Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride by Susan Mallery


I think it is fun to find early books by popular authors. I found The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride in the free box outside McKay’s used book story in Chattanooga, TN. Books that McKay’s will not accept for trade often go into the boxes. On the day I was there someone had put in a large sack of older Silhouette books in the box. I recognized Susan’s name and picked up the book. By the time The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride was published in 2000 Susan was an established writer who had written over 30 Silhouette books.

The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride is the first in the Desert Rogues series and I like the story enough pick up the other two if I ever run across them. Prince Khalil Khan and Dora Nelson are an unusual couple. Dora first appears on an airport runway in a wedding dress. It’s a great beginning for an entertaining story. I was glad I picked it up out of the free bin.

Silhouette published The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride by Susan Mallery in 2000.

The Sheik'a Kidnapped Bride by Susan Mallery is available as a Kindle book from Amazon.

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  1. A lonely and scared Dora stranded in her wedding gown at an airport with no money, coat or personal belongings? What's a girl to do? Enter handsome, sexy and powerful Prince Kahlil Khan of El Bahar to the rescue. What a great start for the Desert Rogues series by Susan Mallery.

    Dora Nelson had never known love nor had ever felt she belonged. She now has a chance to succeed as a personal PA to Prince Khalil. Little does she realize that she will grow not only to respect him but also fall in love? Little does the prince know that he will come to depend upon Dora not only as his PA but also to help him get out of an ugly situation, an arranged marriage to one of his countryman.....a personal family friend with loose morals and unsuitable as a wife of a crown prince. Khalil tricks Dora into marriage and when she finds out this fact, she can't forgive him. Khalil takes Dora back to El Bahar where a stand-off begins in their marriage. Dora is allowed to work with the Western businessman to liaise with them and El Bahar while she struggles with her love for her husband.

    Susan Mallery has gotten off to a great start with this book, the first in her Desert Rogues series. I enjoyed the humor Susan brought to her story and the depth of passion that was shown. Her use of dialogue is interesting and intriguing as she weaves this very romantic tale set in the desert


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