Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sureblood by Susan Grant

Science Fiction Romance

Sureblood is Susan Grant’s latest book in her Borderlands series. The time line spans the last years of the war between the Coalition and Drakken Horde and the first years of the peace when the Triad is formed. Zelfen ore is needed by both sides of the conflict and found only in the Channel. Rival pirate groups make their living preying on the ore freighters and selling the ore to the highest bidder. With the war raging and Zelfen needed by both sides Dake Sureblood and Valeeya Blue are thrown together when they both walk into a trap trying to take the same ore freighter. The only way out is to work together. When they try to continue that corporation after the raid outside forces step in to stop their efforts.

Susan Grants paints a very realistic picture of how war molds the behavior of people outside the actual battle zone and how that lifestyle is threatened by peace. The actions and behavior of Val and Dake are molded by that behavior and lifestyle. The result is a moving and realistic love story.

Like any of Susan Grant’s books the writing is crisp, the characters well drawn, and the action exciting. The world building is right on tract for a pirate story and Sureblood adds additional depth to the Borderlands series.

Sureblood by Susan Grant is a don’t miss addition to any Science Fiction Romance Library.

HQN published Sureblood by Susan Grant in 2010.

I received a free eBook copy of Sureblood by Susan Grant from Emma Cunningham at Harlequin Books.

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