Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

Paranormal Romance

I just finished Play of Passion by Nalini Singh and was left wanting the next book. The last two books in the Psy/Changeling, Blaze of Memory and Bonds Of Justice were almost side stories written to enlarge the world Singh had created. With Play of Passion the focus returns to one of the main line packs, the SnowDancers and to the main story arc. While I enjoyed the last two books I loved Play and Passion. In Play of Passion the characters from the two previous books are drawn into the arc and everything is set up for the next story.

Drew Kincaid and Lieutenant Indigo Riviere were introduced in previous books. Now they get their story. Drew knows that he wants Indigo but she has doubts about his intentions. He has to work very hard to get her to take him seriously. For me one of the best scenes in the book is when Indigo’s Mother pulls Drew aside to explain how childhood events are affecting Indigo’s ability to commit. To add to the problems both face there is a split in the Psy Council and some members of the Council are intruding on SnowDancer territory. All of the members have to work to keep this threat from destroying the pack. This leads to some new and surprising alliances.

The additional world building in Play of Passion continues to expand the Psy/Changeling world. There are new character introduced, previous characters reappear, and hints are offered about some main characters that have yet to have their story told. Play of Passion keeps up the tension, romance and drama that are a mark of this series.

The next book, Kiss of Snow, is due out in June of 2011.

Berkley Sensation published Play of Passion by Nalini Singh in 2010.

I pre-ordered Play of Passion from Borders and got an email on November 1st that the book had been shipped. When it did not arrive I checked the tracking and found that after leaving Atlanta it went to Chino CA, then Los Angeles, CA, then Dallas, TX, then Southhaven MS, and finally on November 13th it arrived at my house in Bella Vesta, AR. It had quite a journey to get to me.

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