Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Battle for Commmitment Planet – Helfort’s War: Book IV by Graham Sharp Paul

Military Science Fiction

The Battle for Commitment Planet finds Michael Helfort between a rock and a hard place.  Anna has been captured and is being held prisoner on Commitment, the capital of the Hammer Worlds.  Michael has been a real thorn in the Hammer Worlds and DocSec’s side and Anna’s capture is being used to get to Michael.  DocSec has given Michal three months to turn himself over or Anna will be raped, beaten, shot and dumped into the DocSec lime pit.   Neither option is acceptable to Michael. When Michael finally shares what has happened with his crew they decide to rescue Anna and the other Federation prisoners held on the Commitment Planet.   All know that this is a one-way trip.  After the rescue the plan is to join the opposition on Commitment and help overthrow the current Hammer government. 

The Battle for Commitment Planet is another fast paced military adventure.  Don’t look for any resolution to the war between the Federation and the Hammers in book four.  The action in The Battle for Commitment Planet sets up the next stage in the war with Michael still in the middle of the action.

Random House published The Battle for Commitment Planet by Graham Sharp Paul in 2010.

I purchased The Battle for Commitment Planet from Amazon.

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