Friday, February 11, 2011

Rebel and Stranger by Zoe Archer


I just finished Rebel and Stranger, the last two books in the Blades of the Rose series.

 Rebel introduces Nathan Lesperance and Astrid Bramfield.  Nathan is a Native attorney in Canada and Astrid is a former Blade of the Rose who retreated to the Canadian wilderness after her husband Michael died in her arms.  The Heirs have activated the Primal Source.  One result is that all magic has become much more potent.  When the Heirs capture Nathan he uses magic he did not know he had to escape.  Astrid finds him alone and confused in the wilderness.  They have to depend on her skills to stay alive and ahead of the Heirs.

Stranger brings Gemma Murphy, female reporter, and Catullus Graves, inventor, together.  Gemma senses a great story and has followed Catullus, Nathan and Astrid from Canada.  When the Heirs see her with Catullus he has to protect her from harm.  Their attraction is immediate but has to be put on hold while they try to find a way to stop the Heirs from fully activating the Primal Source.  This is the final book in the Blades of the Rose Series and look for some interesting characters out of history and mythology.

I admit I liked the first two books, Warrior and Scoundrel, more than I liked Rebel and Stranger.   The characters in all of the books were great and the plot moved in all four.  I though the first two books were more action driven than the last two.  Even so I recommend the series.  I would start with the first book, Warrior, and read the series in order.

Zebra published Rebel and Stranger by Zoe Archer in 2010.

I purchased Rebel from Borders and Stranger as an ebook from Barnes and Noble.  

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