Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haven by Joel Shepherd

Haven (Trial of Blood & Steel, Book 4)

Haven is the fourth and final book in A Trial of Blood and Steel series by Joel Shepherd.  The final battle between the army of the Regent Arosh and the people loyal to the serrin people is at hand.  Sasha finds that she cannot support the actions of the Regent’s army and leaves to join the other side.  She joined by others in her family and is forced to face her destiny as a leader and warlord. 

Joel Shepherd has created a sweeping world for this series.  It is a good setting for the epic battle that must be fought.  All of the characters are back, sides are chosen and one man’s decision will decide the victor.  Haven is a fitting ending to this series but having created this vast world Shepherd seems to have left room for future stories. 

PYR published Haven by Joel Shepherd in 2011.

I purchased Haven.

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