Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan

Warcry (Chronicles of the Warlands)

At the end of Warlord  Elizabeth Vaughn said:

Well, that’s it then.  My magic spell is cast and well done, as far as I can tell.  Lara and Keir’s tale is over, at least for now.  The snows are starting, blurring my vision of the Plains.” 

That was in 2007.  Today in 2011 Keir and Lara are back in Warcry.  While they are not the main characters in Warcry events around them are the main focus of the story.  Heath of Xy, who traveled to the plains with Lara his Queen, and Atira of the Bear, the Plains warrior whose broken leg Lara set and healed in Warprize, are the main characters. Lara and Keir are returning to Xy for the birth of their child.  Heath and Atira are pledged to protect Lara and her unborn child but when they reach Xy there are factions who want to overthrow Lara and place another on the throne.  While Heath and Atira work to protect Lara they must struggle to overcome the differences that threaten their relationship.

It was great to see Lara and Keir again.  Elizabeth Vaught did a good job of rounding out two of the secondary characters in the first series and making their story an important part of the continuing saga of Keir and Lara.  The world of the Plains and Xy is unique and full of conflict.  The story moves at a great pace and is filled with emotion, romance, danger and conflict.  There are also a lot of hooks just waiting to be answered in new books.  I am looking forward to seeing what Elizabeth Vaughan has in store for all of the great characters in this series.

I purchased a copy of Warcry.

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