Monday, May 14, 2012

Musing Monday's, May 14, 2012

This weeks musing's asks:
Do you tend to read to the end of the chapter or can you stop anywhere?
I used to try to read to the end of the chapter but so many authors leave you with a cliff hanger it changed the way I read.  Now I just find a stopping place anywhere even in the middle of a page.


Amy said...

I LOVE your answer - thank you for sharing! :)

Here's Mine:

Gigi Ann said...

I am a whatever kind of reader as far as having to stop at the end of the chapter. It is always nice if I can, but in the real world that isn't always possible.

Unknown said...

I noticed the same thing, too. It makes it difficult to stop there, so a lot of times, I find my own decent stopping places. Here's my MM:

Kwizgiver said...

That's a good point, I hadn't thought of how the cliffhangers keep me reading.