Monday, August 20, 2012

Musing Mondays August 20, 2012

This week’s musing — courtesy of – asks…  
Have you ever reread a book and found that your opinion changed?

Yes, I have reread and found I have very different feelings about a book.  The most common examples are books that I helped select for my Science Fiction Book Club.  There have been several that I read years ago and are considered classics.  I loved them when I originally read them but rereading years later I had a completely different opinion.  I did not hate them but I wondered why I loved them so much when I first read them.  Other members of the club found the same thing with some of the books they recommended.


  1. I am not a re-reader.
    Too many books, too little time!

  2. I have discovered my tastes have changed over the years, and some authors I once loved are somewhat disappointing to me now.


  3. Intersting response! I have yet to really experience reading a book where I find myself wondering why I liked them the first time around.

    Here's my thoughts for this week's Musing Mondays =)

  4. Sometimes it is weird to think of why we liked something so much :)

  5. I do re-read but have not changed my opinion after re-reading...

    Here is my post.

  6. Very interesting that it's mostly the book club selections that you re-read. I'm not much of a re-reader.


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