Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Lady Most Willing….:A Novel in Three Parts by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockaway

The Lady Most Willing...: A Novel in Three PartsHistorical Romance
I loved this book.  Instead of three separate stories this book by three authors blends each story together into one novel. I liked that better than three separate novellas.  It bound the story and the characters together into a very pleasing whole.
Here is the Goodreads Summary:
Step into the glittering world of Regency and prepare to have your hearts warmed by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway...

During their annual Christmas pilgrimage to Scotland to visit their aged uncle in his decrepit castle, the Comte de Rocheforte and his cousin, Earl of Oakley, are presented with unique gifts: their uncle has raided an English lord's Christmas party and kidnapped four lovely would-be brides for his heirs to choose from well as one very angry duke, Lord Bretton. As snow isolates the castle, and as hours grow into days, the most honourable intentions give away to temptations as surprising as they are irresistible.
Taran is the crazy uncle who does the kidnapping.  While he is a side character look for the unexpected from him.  Catriona Burns and John, Lord Bretton have the first part of the story.  I don’t remember when I have laughed as hard as I did watching their interaction.  Fiona Chisholm has been ruined and does not expect love at all, especially from the staid and proper Byron, Earl of Oakley.  It just shows that love arrives form unexpected places.  Robert Parles, the Comte de Rocheforte does not think he deserves the love of any proper woman but the Lady Cecily Maycott does not agree and besides she is not as proper as she seems.  That just leaves one woman left.  Marilla tries for all three but what she really wants is a man with a castle. 
Catriona and Lord Bretton were my favorite but all three couples were a delight.  Pick this up for an enjoyable read this winter.
Avon published A Lady Most Willing by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockaway in 2012.   

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Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Jo,

This is certainly an interesting premise for a book and one which I wouldn't mind checking out, just to see how well it works.

I guess that as we see increasing instances of two authors collaborating on a single book, then the concept of multiple authors combining individually written parts of the same story, shouldn't be too much of a surprise extension of the concept.

You obviously think that the 'joins are seamless', which would be my only real concern about the venture.

Definitely one for the reading list, thanks for sharing.