Monday, June 17, 2013

Musing Mondays, June 17, 2013

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I finished two books from two different series this week.  The first was Can’t Stop Believing (A Harmony Novel) by Jodi Thomas.  The second was Agave Kiss (A Corine Solomon Novel) by Ann Aguirre.  The two are very different.

Can’t Stop Believing is a feel good novel about love and second chances.  Cord McDowell and Nevada Britain are the main characters in is novel but there are several other story lines that also come to a conclusion.  And as always there is the beginning of another secondary story line for a future story.  Look for two people who belong together and one HEA, a sad ending to one story line that has been in several books, and an all around feel good story. This is part of a series but each book can stand-alone.  I look forward to each book in the series and have yet to be disappointed

Agave Kiss is the last book in the Corine Solomon series. Unlike the Harmony books this series has not held up as well.  I finished the book because I have read all the previous books in the series.  This is not a stand-alone book.  You need to read each of the books in order.  I was a little disappointed in the book.  It tied up a lot of lose ends and there was a HEA for Corine and Chance.  It was a very busy books with a lot of story lines that came together.  I"m glad I finished the book but I have to admit I had to make myself continue several times before the end.


  1. That's too bad about Agave Kiss, the cover looks awesome.

  2. It's so disappointing when a series lures you in and then the quality of the sequels goes down! Especially given how many books end on cliff hangers these days, it can be hard not to go on even if the later books aren't as good.

  3. most of the books i read are part of a series so sometimes i dont have a choice and has to continue to finish what i started even though the later books in the series aren't as good as the first one.

  4. Disappointing when a series doesn't sustain through all the books.

  5. It is so sad when a series ends badly, and you have to make yourself finish the last book.

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