Saturday, January 31, 2015

3rd Annual SFR Galaxy Awards - January 31, 2015

Welcome to the 3rd Annual SFR Galaxy Awards!

Get ready to celebrate sci-fi romance because it’s time for the 3rd Annual SFR Galaxy Awards!

Today, January 31, we’re going to roll out the awards for the 2014 science fiction romance books, films, and television shows that made a lasting impression on the judges. (For complete information about the Awards, click here.)

The winners this year are wonderfully diverse, but they all share a focus on the fascinating intersection of love and technology. Each award description has a personalized touch so you can learn helpful information about the stories.

The awards will be posted throughout the day for a total of seven posts, so stay tuned!  Here is the schedule.  You can check each hours starting at 10:00 or wait till all are posted and check all at once.

10 am Charlee

11 am Donna

12 Laurie

1 Marlene

2 Jo

3 Heather

4 Anna

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