Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Else I Read in January of 2015

Most of my reading this month came from my Review Pile and most were reviewed in regular posts so my list is a little short this month.

Science Fiction:

Deadeye (The Mutant Files #1) by William C. Dietz -Deadeye kept
throwing me curves and the biggest one was right at the start.  A character I really liked did not last long and that threw me off for most of the book.  The story is OK.  The character building is a little off.  I thought the Cassandra Lee at the beginning of the book is very different from the Cassandra Lee at the end and I saw no reason for the change.  There is a problem to be solved and Cassandra and Ras Omo succeed.  There was a twist to that problem and I saw it coming.

Much of the world building and character development has been used before so while the plot was interesting it really did not have the twists to make it seem new and fresh.  A nice read and I will look for book two.  However it will not go on my re-read list.

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