Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Final Protocol by J.C. Daniels

Science Fiction Romance

From Goodreads: 

Tip #1: Don’t get on her bad side. Tip #2: There’s no good side.

Her name is Silence. If she was ever known by any other name, she doesn’t remember.

She is a killer. If she was ever anything else, she doesn’t remember.
She has an owner. If she was ever free…well, that she does remember. She was free and then somebody gave her to a madman to pay a debt that wasn’t hers. She’s his toy, his pet…and his trained killer. She kills at his whim or she dies.

She has a target. Her so-called owner…the man who makes her life a living hell. If she could kill anybody in the universe, it would be him. But he holds her life in his hands.

And she has a wish—to find a man she barely remembers. A man she knows she once loved. The man who betrayed her and stole away her freedom.

With one final target between her and the tantalizing promise of freedom, she moves in for the kill. There’s one problem. There’s something strangely familiar about her mark. Something that echoes in the void where love used to live.

Warning: One woman with a mission, one evil bastard who lies as often as he breathes, and a man who’ll stop at nothing to find what he lost. Be warned…some questionable consent lies within.

Final Protocol is just a staring point for the next book.  There is a lot of back-story that has to come out.  We meet Silence and it is her back-story told in flash-backs as she remembers things she was forced to forget.  As we learn her story we also learn more about her owner and about the man she has been sent to kill.

This is very much a character driven story and it is Silence’s character that does the driving.  From the start I liked her.  In spite of the things that were done to her she remained strong.  That strength was aimed at having the chance to kill her owner. The story ends before that happens but everything is set up for her to pursue that goal in the next book.  The Final Protocol is an important part of the story.

Final Protocol is a tense well-written story that grabbed me from the start. I could not put it down once I started reading.  Now I want to know what else is going to happen and am waiting for more about Silence and how she will meet her goal of killing her owner.

Samhain published Final Protocol by J.C. Daniels in 2015.

I received an ARC of Final Protocol in return for an honest review.

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