Friday, December 18, 2009

The Magical Christmas Cat by Nalini Singh, Erin McCarthy, Linda Winstead Jones, Lora Leigh

Paranormal Romance

The Magical Christmas Cat contains 4 short novellas by four different authors. It was released at Christmas in 2008. One of the four stories is Stroke of Enticement by Nalini Singh, one of my favorite Psy/Changelings stories.

Stroke of Enticement is a sweet love story set at the same time as the early Psy/Changeling books. Annie teaches little cats as well as humans. When Bryan, one of the Dark River leopard children, hits another child and refuses to tell Annie why his Uncle Zack is the one who comes to sort everything out. Zack knows immediately that Annie is his mate. Annie on the other hand feels that she is damaged because a leg injury she suffered as a child has left her with a slight limp. She thinks that Zack will play for a while and leave. Annie has to trust and her journey makes a wonderful story.

If you would like another Psy/Changeling story look for An Enchanted Season the 2009 Christmas multi-author release. Beat of Temptation is set in the past and tells the story of Nate and Tammy’s mating.

Berkley Sensation published The Magical Christmas Cat in 2008.

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