Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Favorite Scenes and Quotes - 2009

December is a time to look back over the past year and remember some favorite things. Here are scenes or quotes from 3 of the books I recommended in 2009 that stuck in my mind. If you have favorites from the past year why don’t you share them in the comments section?

Broken Wing by Judith James

Sarah invites Gabriel to watch meteor shower from her balcony and Gabriel for the first time enjoys shares an innocent experience with another person and finds “it was a new and heady flavor, and he liked it tremendously

Close Encounters by Katherine Allred

I especially loved Crigo, Kiera’s rock cat. Kiera’s description of their relationship is a classic for any of us who love cats. She says “I promise not to compromise his dignity by petting him, he promises not to rip my arm off at the elbow. In return for the food he consumes ….he keeps me humble by following me around, making derogatory feline comments about everything I do and turning his back when I talk to him. “

Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh

In the book there is a young boy, William, who has the same mutation as Judd Lauren, he can kill with a thought. William does not know how to control what he does and has killed Spot, the dog that he loves. His parents think that embracing Silence is the only answer for William. Then one night Judd visits William and tells him that he can do what William can. William asks Judd, “Can you fix me?” and Judd answers, “There’s nothing to fix. What I can do is teach you to control it. So you can use it for good things.”

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