Friday, January 22, 2010

Along Came a Demon Whispering Book One by Linda Welch

Paranormal Mystery

Tiffany (Tiff was what she preferred) Banks sees the dead. She doesn’t see everyone who died; only those who were killed by another person. It seems they cannot leave the Earth until the person who caused their death also dies. That’s how she ended up with two roommates no one else could see. The previous owner of her house had killed Jack and Mel and they liked living with her so they were sticking around. Because of her ability Tiff chooses to lead a very solitary life.

To make extra money Tiff poses as a physic and uses her ability to help the police solve murders. When she asks for help to find a missing child unusual and disturbing events start to happen. Tiff is assigned a partner, Royal Morrison, who has recently transferred to the Clarion police department. Morrison is not from this world. To everyone else he looked human but to Tiff he looked like a Demon. No way does she want to work with him so the sparks fly! The case is more involved that it seems at the start and Tiff and Royal are soon looking for more than a missing child.

Along Came a Demon is a new twist on the paranormal. Filled with great characters (even Tiff’s dog), an action filled plot and good world building Along Came a Demon is a great start to a new paranormal mystery series. I’m looking forward to the next book, The Demon Hunters.

In the author’s notes Linda Welch calls Along Came A Demon a novella. I purchased Along Came a Demon from Amazon after someone on a Yahoo Group commented that Along Came is Demon is a good story and Linda Welch is an up and coming author to keep an eye on. After reading Along Came a Demon I agree with that assessment. The book is 150 pages long, a paperback, and the size of a hardcover. There is no publisher listed. The copyright is 2009.

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