Friday, January 29, 2010

The Battle of Devastation Reef Helfort’s War Book 3 by Graham Sharp Paul

Military Science Fiction

Michael Helfort’s life is not getting any simpler. Being a hero has painted a target on his back. Not only do the Hammers want him to fail, so do many of his senior officers. Fleet is trying a new concept and Michael is the one who must make it work. Added pressure arrives when the Hammers captures someone he cares about. All of these elements add up for to great story in The Battle of Devastation Reef.

The Battle of Devastation Reef, the latest book in the Helfort’s War series, continues the non-stop action between the Hammer’s and Federated Worlds. Graham Sharp Paul has delivered an exciting follow-up to the first two books while setting the stage for book four. Helford’s War is a great series for any Military Science Fiction lover.

Del Rey published The Battle of Devastation Reef by Graham Sharp Paul in 2009.

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