Sunday, January 17, 2010

Murchison and Co. Space Scavengers by Cleve Cartmill

Science Fiction

Cleve Cartmill (1908-1964) was a freelance writer who contributed over 50 novellas, novelettes and short stories to Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines. Murchison and Co. Space Scavengers was published in the late 1940’s in Thrilling Wonder Stories. “Known as the “Space Salvagers” stories they were a science fictional riff on the classic and highly popular, “battle of the sexes” comedies of the ear.” The series has been out of print for years. Renaissance E Books publication has recently released Space Scavengers as an eBook and I purchased it at Fictionwise.

Murchison and Co. Space Scavengers is a fun look back at Science Fiction in the late 40’a. While the science is out of date the story is still an enjoyable read. Jake Murchison is part owner of a one-ship salvage company and Helen Wall is a space ship captain and heir of the largest multi-ship salvage company. The two should be fierce competitors but when their paths cross sparks fly and unexpected things happen. Filled with adventure and action Murchison and Co. Space Scavengers is great example of early Space Opera.

eBooks are bringing back a lot of the classics. For the Science Fiction fan it is a great opportunity go read the stories laid the foundation for Science Fiction today.

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