Saturday, March 27, 2010

Amaryllis by Jayne Castle

Futuristic/Paranormal Romance

The first time I read Amaryllis I checked it out from the public library. I loved the book so I checked and found that there were two other books in the series. I purchased those two (Zinnia and Orchid) as they were not available in the library. Not long after that I decided I wanted to own Amaryllis but found it was not available. In fact I think it was listed as out of print. Imagine my surprise when on a recent visit to Barnes and Noble I found Amaryllis with a brand new cover on display at the front of the store.

Amaryllis is set on the planet of St Helen’s. Like her later books about Harmony, St Helen’s was settled when the curtain allowed easy travel between worlds. When the curtain closed the colonist were cut off and had to adapt to their new world. No Earth manufactured products lasted long after being on St Helen’s. The colonist had to learn to manufacture everything out to native materials. During this time the colonist started to develop new physic powers that could only be used when paired with someone who was a prism. When Lucas Trent hires Amaryllis Lark to act as his prism they find that both have off the chart talents that match perfectly. As they work together they uncover a physic plot sends them into danger and an attraction that is hard to ignore.

This series is not quite as intense as the later series set on Harmony. However, it is still an exciting and satisfying read.

Pocket Books published Amaryllis by Jayne Castle in1996. Jayne Castle is a pen name for Jayne Ann Krentz.

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