Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Lord of Scoundrels, Mr. Impossible and Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase

Historical Romance

I recently discovered books by Loretta Chase. I started with Miss Wonderful, then Lord of Scoundrels followed by Mr. Impossible. If you like humor, romance, adventure, and more humor contained in a well-written book these books are for you.

Each book has a crisp, well-defined plot filled with characters that come alive on the pages. Miss Wonderful and Mr. Impossible are part of the series following the Carsington’s. Lord of Scoundrels is a stand-alone.

If I had to pick I favorite among the three it would be Mr. Impossible. Rupert Carsington is the fourth son of the Earl of Hargate. He is often bored and boredom leads him into trouble. In despair his father sends him to Egypt where Rupert ends up in prison for defending a street person from the police. His only way out is to agree to help the widow Daphne Pembroke rescue her brother. Daphne is the scholar in the family but her brother fronts for her because no one listens to a woman. This is a role reversal as Daphne is the brain and Rupert has to play the empty headed brawn. As they move from one crisis to another Rupert does not have time to be bored. Mr. Impossible is filled with brisk dialog, wonderful supporting characters, and great humor.

Berkley Sensation published Miss Wonderful, and Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase. Avon published Lord of Scoundrels.

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