Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Demon Hunters by Linda Welch


In a precious post I featured Linda Welch’s Along Came a Demon. The Demon Hunters is the second book in the series. Tiff Banks and Royal are now partners in a detective agency. Tiff can talk to those who died a violent death and Royal is from another dimension. When a new group of characters called the Dark Cousins arrive and demand their help relations between the two become very strained. Tiff does not understand why they are taking the case and Royal is under a compulsion that keeps him from telling her what is going on
This is as good as Along Came a Demon. There is good character development, the paranormal world is expanded and the plot moves at a brisk pace. Linda Welch is an author to watch.

The copyright for the Demon Hunters by Linda Welch is 2009. There is no publisher. My book carries a printing date of 14 February 2010.

I purchased The Demon Hunters by Linda Welch from Amazon.

Watch for book three, Demon on a Distant Shore.

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