Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Babylonian Codex by C.S. Graham

The Babylonian CodexMystery

The Babylonian Codex by C.S. Graham is another book that is part of a series.  We first met Tobie Guinness in The Archangel Project and again in The Solomon Effect.  In The Babylonian Codex Tobie Guinness has been asked to do a remote viewing to find priceless artifacts that were looted from Baghdad when the United States invaded.  When she sees something unexpected a trail of murder starts and Tobie barely escapes with her life.  Once again she partners with CIA agent Jax Alexander.  They follow a path that exposes secrets that link a Biblical codex with a plot by religious fanatics to remake the world. 

Like the previous books in this series The Babylonian Codex is a conspiracy theory mystery.  The really frightening part is the list of what is real and what is not in the Author’s Notes in the back of the book.  Hopefully none of the groups listed as real manage to get enough power make any of the action in The Babylonian Codex  actually happen.

Harper published The Babylonian Codex by C.S. Graham in 2010.

I purchased The Babylonian Codex from Borders.

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