Friday, March 11, 2011

Clone Empire by Steven L. Kent

The Clone Empire (Clone, Bk 6)
Science Fiction

The Clone Empire by Steven L. Kent is the latest book in the Clone series.  Once again we find Wayson Harris in the middle of more action than he wants.  Harris is asked to leave the planet he saved from the Unified Authority.  When he joins the rest of the Clone Fleet he finds that UA needs their help to defeat an old enemy that has reappeared, an enemy that threatens to destroy every planet humans have colonized. 

There is a lot of action and intrigue in Clone Empire but no resolution to the problems Wayson and the rest of the clones are facing.  Instead Clone Empire sets the stage for the next part of Wayson’s adventure.

I said in a previous post:

“I love series books.  When I pick them up and start reading it is like sitting down with an old friend, catching up with what has happened since I last saw them and then joining them on a new adventure.”

The Clone Empire does not give any time to sit down and catch up.  The action picks up where the last book left off and never lets up.  The Clone Empire is action and adventure filled military science fiction.  For the most enjoyment the series should be read in order.

Ace published The Clone Empire by Steven L. Kent in 2010.

I purchased The Clone Empire from Amazon.

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