Monday, March 28, 2011

Troubled Waters by Sharon Shinn

Paranormal Romance

Troubled WatersIn writing Troubled Waters Sharon Shinn has again created a unique and fascinating world, the world of Welce.   In this world five elements rule all thing and each element has a prime, a person who can control and use that element in ways others cannot.  Each element contains blessings and at birth each child is given three blessing.  A different stranger chooses each blessing.  Using the combination of blessing and elements Sharon has woven a complex story of love and power. 

 Zoe Ardeley’s father was a royal advisor who fell out of favor and was forced into exile ten years ago.  When he left he took his daughter Zoe with him.  As the story opens he has just died.   A few days after his death Darien Serlast comes to the small village where Zoe lives and informs her she has been chosen to be the King’s fifth wife.  Zoe’s element is Coru, water and blood and unknown to Zoe she is the prime for Coru.  The three blessing chosen for Zoe Ardelay on the day of her birth are beauty, love and power.  When Zoe is drawn into the politics of the palace she must use her element and her blessings to help steer her course.

Troubled Waters is a complex story filled with great characters in a wonderful setting.  Troubled Waters may be a stand-alone novel but I hope not.  The world of Welce is filled with many great possibilities for future stories and would be a great setting for a new series.

ACE Books published Troubled Waters by Sharon Shinn in 2010.

I checked out Troubled Waters from the Rogers, AR Public Library.

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