Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nook Lovers Blog

I found this great blog the other day.  We all love free or low priced ebooks.  Barnes and Noble has some for the Nook but they are sometimes hard to find.  Stephanie and Eliza have created a blog with daily posts letting Nook owners know what is new each day.  Here is the the address and the badge.  Both will be posted on my side bar but if you have a Nook you should just do what I did and sign up for the daily email update.


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  1. Hi Jo,

    Mother-in-law and myself both own kindles, and whereas I do not make full use of all 'extras' which come with the machine, mother-in-law is well away with it all.

    I couldn't understand why she was ordering quite so many books on an almost daily basis, surely she couldn't be reading them that quickly?

    No, in fact she reliably informs me that Amazon send out a daily kindle newsletter, with their 'offer of the day', which can be purchased at much reduced prices. Needless to say, she is stockpiling all these bargains for a rainy day.

    As we have a shared kindle account and both of us have access to all the books, I shall never be short of something to read.



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