Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Else I Read in January of 2012


The Golden Shield of IBF by Jerry Ahen - This is a fun paranormal that start at Dragon Con in Atlanta and moves to another world before coming back to Dragon Con.

No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper.   The book cover makes this look like a Historical Romance but don't be fooled.  Joan comes from the future to destroy the person who loosed demons on the world.  In her time humans are loosing and she is the only hope for the future.  She arrived in the past and is found by 
Simon Grenville. Simon practices magic and agrees to help Joan but first he must turn her into a proper English lady.  It was a good story, exciting at the first, it slowed down in the middle and picked back up in the then.  If you like Paranormal you might ant to give this one a try.

Science Fiction:

One Good Soldier by Travis Taylor - I started this one some time ago and just got around to finishing it.  It is the last in the series and does a good job of wrapping everything up.

Science Fiction Romance:

B Cubed Book One Born by Jenna McCormick.  I found this one on the SFR Brigade Push Contest.  It is erotica.  While there was quite a bit of world building with the story it was primarily sex.  I like more story less sex so it was not one of my favorites.

The Warlord's Comeuppance by Gail Koger.  Another book I found on the SFR Brigade Push Contest.  The opening was great but the rest was a disappointment.  Don't be fooled by the opening.


Mad About the Earl by Christina Brooke.  I read the first chapter in this book when it was included in Heiress in Love and immediately put the book on my pre-order list.   I was surprised by how the story developed.  It was not at all what I expected from that teaser chapters.  It was a good story but I felt it was a little uneven.

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