Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Comment or Not To Comment

Authors On Reviews: To Comment Or Not To Comment 

 I don't know about most bloggers but I have some definite feeling about author comments.  I spend quite a bit of time working on my posts.  I do it because I love to read and want to share books I love with others.  When the book I recommend is one I purchased or one I checked out at the library I enjoy hearing from the author but do not expect any contact.  The same is true when I request and get an ARC from Amazon Vine, NetGalley, or any other source.  It is my choice to read the books and do the reviews.                   

That changes when an author asks me to accept a copy and write a review.  Then I do want at least a comment saying thank you for mentioning my book.  I know that authors are busy.  I try not to take up their writing time but good manners say to thank the person doing you a favor.  That request to read and review is asking a favor.  I am taking my time to do that favor and I would like a thank you for my effort.   

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  1. That's an interesting way to look at it. I like comments as well, but I also don't expect them. I enjoyed reading your post :)

  2. Great post. So interesting to read these blogger insights this morning!

  3. I understand and agree with your opinion. Having made personal contact with a request, I would at least expect personal contact from the writer saying thanks.

  4. Yes, when the review was requested I kind of expect to hear something back too!

    Thanks for participating!


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